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Study: The Chicken Didn't Cross The Pacific To South America

An analysis of DNA from ancient and modern chicken bones from the Pacific islands shows they are genetically distinct from South American birds.

Giant Lizards Rise In Fla. — And They've Got Quite An Appetite

Giant lizards are coming out of hibernation in Florida. Trouble is, Robin Sussingham of WUSF reports, they're members of an invasive species with a taste for the eggs and hatchlings of native animals.
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District's 'Bird Man' Documents City's Winged Creatures

Ever since Wallace Kornack retired as a government engineer, he's made daily trips to Rock Creek Park to document migrant birds.


Why Did The Possibly Pregnant Shark Cross The Atlantic?

Probably not just to get to the other side. Thanks to a tracking device, researchers and anyone on the Web have watched as "Lydia" has gone where no great white shark has been tracked before.

Save The Escargot! Snail-Devouring Predator Rears Its Head In France

The New Guinea flatworm is a vicious little thing with an appetite for snails. Its discovery in Normandy has raised concerns about the fate of Europe's snails — and France's famed mollusk appetizer.

A Plan To Eliminate Wild Mute Swans Draws Vocal Opposition

The proposal to eradicate the birds in New York by 2025 has pitted environmentalists against animal rights activists. Some call the swans invasive and destructive; opponents say the science is faulty.

Trapping And Tracking The Mysterious Snowy Owl

This winter's unexpected arctic bird invasion has given owl researchers a rare opportunity. They're fitting a few of the errant owls with GPS backpacks to track their return to the Arctic.

Lawmaker Wants To Ban Orcas At San Diego's SeaWorld

The California Democrat, who was inspired by a controversial documentary, says the killer whales are too large and too intelligent to be confined.

States Fight California's Cage-Free Egg Law. But It's Really About Bacon

Missouri farmers will file a lawsuit against California over its law barring the sale of eggs from producers whose chickens are raised in small cages. The plaintiffs say the law is unconstitutional.

How Yosemite Keeps Its Bears' Paws Off Campers' Hamburgers

The park's bears have developed a taste for humans' food, and that's gotten them in big trouble. But efforts to teach campers to lock up food are helping solve the problem, a bear hair analysis shows.