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Dinosaurs: Big Digs And Local Fossil Finds

We get the latest on fossil finds in our region and learn about some of the challenges scientists face in collecting dinosaur remains and other ancient specimens.


Chinese Zoo Substitutes Dog For Lion

A mother taking her son around a zoo in China thought her boy was mistaken when he pointed out the barking lion. But he was right. The zoo had taken their African lion away for breeding, and moved in an employee's large and hairy mastiff dog.
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National Zoo Goes On 24-Hour-A-Day Panda Pregnancy Watch

Officials at the National Zoo are watching to see if female panda Mei Xiang is pregnant—or merely pretending to be.


Wild Horses Run Free As Adoption Centers Fill Up

Across the West, the Bureau of Land Management grapples with dwindling holding space for wild horses it has rounded up. But advocates say the bureau's housing of mustangs is not only ineffective but unsustainable. The cost of keeping the horses has tripled since 2000.

After Losing His Raccoon, Man Takes His Appeal To Governor

Mark "Coon Rippy" Brown, of Gallatin, Tenn., became an Internet sensation for posting videos online of himself bantering, dancing, even showering with his pet raccoons. He's now using his Internet fame to garner support, in an effort to get his pet raccoon Rebekah back from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which recently seized the critter. It is illegal in Tennessee to possess native animals captured in the wild.

Meet The Olinguito, The Newest Member Of The Raccoon Family

This cousin of the raccoon is the first new carnivore discovered in the Western Hemisphere in 35 years. Native to the Andes Mountains of Colombia and Ecuador where it's still living, the olinguito was actually first identified in a Field Museum specimen storage room in Chicago.

What's Up With That, Doc? Researchers Make Bunnies Glow

Rabbits have joined the growing list of animals that scientists are "marking" with proteins that cause them to glow green under black light. The process helps researchers study genetic diseases and is used in medicine production.
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Algae Causes Hundreds Of Fish Deaths In National Mall Pond

The National Park Service says about 1,000 fish have been found dead in the Constitution Gardens pond on the National Mall.


Red Cross For Rover: Inside America's Canine Blood Banks

When your dog gets a transfusion — during surgery, or if it has contracted any number of blood-damaging diseases — where does the blood come from? Much of the time, the blood products come from canine blood banks. But these days, demand for canine blood products often outstrips supply.

Why Urban Beekeeping Can Be Bad For Bees

The rise in urban beekeeping could end up resulting in too many bees with too few flowers to feed on, two U.K. scientists warn. That's already the case in London, where the number of urban hives has doubled over the past five years, they say.