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Cockatoo Mimics Marital Spats

A couple in North Carolina recently adopted a bird from a couple who was going through a divorce. Ever since, Peaches the cockatoo has been mimicking the marital spats of her previous owners.

Dog In Croatia Banned From Barking

The temporary ban on barking between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. only applies to a three-year-old mutt named Medo. Neighbors were demanding damages from Medo's owner.
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Ban On Puppy Mills Expected To Pass Easily In Montgomery County

Those looking to pick up a puppy in Montgomery County in the near future will get their pick of shelter dogs, as lawmakers formally ban buying from "puppy mills."

Birders Predict Another Snowy Owl 'Irruption'

In 2014, ornithologists documented record numbers of snowy owls wintering unusually far south. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Talkin' Birds host Ray Brown about this year's numbers.

For Rockfish, A Tale Of Recovery, Hidden On Menus

Once depleted by decades of overfishing, rockfish have rebounded. But it's hard to tell this conservation and fishery management success story if purveyors continue to misidentify the tasty fish.

Outrage Over Government's Animal Experiments Leads To USDA Review

Lawmakers also introduced a bill to strengthen laws protecting farm animals used in research. Both moves come out of a New York Times investigation of animal suffering at a federal research center.

Thousands Of Cats Destined For Vietnamese Tables Are Buried Instead

Even though eating cats is banned, "little tiger" remains a delicacy. Many are sourced from China and smuggled over the border.

Beautiful Bird Exhibit Spotted At Smithsonian

The American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., has gathered the work of artists who paint, photograph and sculpt winged creatures — underscoring their endangered existence and exquisite beauty.

To Save 2 Cows, All It Took Was A Good Icebreaker

This week, the City of Fountain Fire Department in Colorado repurposed some firefighting tools for a chillier job: rescuing cows that had fallen through a half-foot of ice into freezing pond water.

Jeremy The Koala, Rescued From Australian Brush Fire, Goes Home

The animal had suffered burns to his paws in the blaze that swept through the Adelaide area earlier this month. After a full recovery, he has been released back into the wild.