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Extinct 'Micro Lion' Is Named For Sir David Attenborough

Microleo attenboroughi was a tiny, marsupial lion that lived some 18 million years ago. Paleontologists in Australia said they named it after the famed naturalist "for his dedication and enthusiasm."
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The New Science Of Animal Psychiatry

Dr. Nicholas Dodman talks animal psychology. He says animal emotions and thoughts can be treated more like our own. Why he believes we can improve the mental health of our pets, and what animals teach us about human medicine.


'Googly-Eyed' Stubby Squid Captures Internet's Attention

Researchers from the Nautilus exploration vessel came upon the bright purple creature with giant eyes. It may look like a cartoon character, but it's real. It's also pretty tough, a researcher says.

Montana Officials Close Yellowstone River To Fight Fish-Killing Parasite

An extraordinary effort to limit a widespread fish kill comes a week before the centennial celebration of the National Park Service.

This Weekend, Water Voles Are Making A Splash In England

The swimming critters were once common in the British countryside, but industrialization and rampaging minks have made them endangered. A new effort seeks to reintroduce them at a northern lake.

Mother Bird's Song Helps Her Young Cope With Global Warming

A journal Science study says Zebra Finches sing a special song to their eggs to warn when temperatures go above 79 degrees. The warning slows development in the egg and the birds come out smaller.

What Does It Take To Map A Walrus Hangout? 160 Years And A Lot Of Help

Groups of walruses are vulnerable to disturbances, but it's hard to avoid them if you don't know where they are. A new tool from U.S. and Russian researchers draws on history to protect the animals.

Fisherman Helps Shark That Is Too Tired To Swim Off On Its Own

A man in Ocean City, Md., caught a shark with the intention of letting it go. Determined to get the exhausted shark out to sea, the fisherman carried it out to deeper waters, where it swam away.

Fishing And Foraging: How To Catch Your Seafood, Ethically

Fisherman Kirk Lombard's new book teaches people to fish and forage along the northern California coast, while urging them to harvest in moderation, follow regulations and respect sea creatures.

Worm Quiz: Don't Try To Squirm Your Way Out Of It

Do you know how long the longest earthworm is? Or how people might contract a parasitic worm?