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Bethesda-Based Military School Ends Using Live Animals For Surgical Training

The use of live animals for military medical training has just ended at Uniformed Services University in Bethesda.

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Future Of Alexandria's Woodlawn Stables Threatened By Road Project

The Fairfax County horse stables, which have been in the same location for over 50 years, could be displaced by a road project.


What's Mittens Thinking? Make 'Sense' Of Your Cat's Behavior

Kitties don't play — they hunt. And their aloof appearance has evolutionary roots. In a new book, anthrozoologist John Bradshaw explains cats' mysterious nature and looks at how the cat's relationship with humans has changed over the years.

It's A Girl! New Panda Is Doing Fine, National Zoo Says

It's taken about two weeks for tests to confirm the cub's gender. She was born Aug. 23 had is said to have a healthy, "fat little belly." As for her name, that won't be chosen until around Thanksgiving.
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It's A Girl! National Zoo's Panda Cub's Gender Revealed

The news you've been waiting for on the National Zoo's newest panda cub: it's a girl, and its father is Tian Tian!


Wild Things Hanging From Spruce Trees

There was a spruce tree in Stanley's garden, and when September rolled around, a family of garden snakes used it to sunbathe. They'd squiggle out on a branch, flop down and warm themselves in the sunshine — sometimes dangling in braided pairs. Stanley, envious, decided to join in ... and here's what happened next.

The Inside Story On The Fear Of Holes

Images that evoke a phobic reaction to holes have unique characteristics in terms of contrast and fine detail. Researchers found they were similar in some respects to features of venomous animals.

Bald Eagles Are Back In A Big Way — And The Talons Are Out

Decimated by hunters, insecticides and other human pressures in the 1960s and 1970s, America's emblematic bird is once again flying high. Roughly 10,000 mated pairs now nest in the continental U.S., up from about 500 in the 1970s. But more birds also means fierce competition for territory and mates.

Now A Test Can Tell If Your Pricey Cup Of Cat Poop Coffee Is Fake

The world's most expensive coffee can cost $600 a pound, and it comes from — there's no delicate way to put it — civet poop. But how do you know if what you're shelling out for is the real deal? Chemists have come up with the world's first cat poop coffee test.

Two Alligators Topping 720 Pounds Each Caught In Mississippi

The massive reptiles, which were both caught Sunday, set new state records for heaviest male alligator. Each hunting team spent hours trying to bring the gators in.