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Of Bison, Birth Control And An Island Off Southern Calif.

A wild herd of bison has been roaming the rugged Santa Catalina Island since the 1920s, when the animals were brought there by a film crew shooting a movie that was never made. With no natural predators, the bison population quickly exploded.

Brains Of Dying Rats Yield Clues About Near-Death Experiences

Researchers discovered what appears to be a momentary increase in electrical activity in the brain associated with consciousness. As the brain struggles to survive, it also struggles to make sense of many neurons firing in the survival attempt.

Old Hawaiian Menus Tell Story Of Local Fish And Their Demise

An ecologist wondered if Hawaiian menus might help explain what happened to Hawaii's sea turtle population. But the menus revealed another marine tragedy: that local fish numbers had dropped to about a tenth of what they once were.

Stars And Stripes: Pair Of Sumatran Tigers Born At National Zoo

Four-year-old Damai is "being a great mom, and is nursing and grooming both cubs," zoo officials say. There was no immediate word on the sex of the cubs.
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Va. Fisherman Reels In World's Largest Snakehead Fish

The 17-pound, six-ounce monster was hauled in by 27-year-old Caleb Newton in Aquia Creek on June 1. 

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From Pamplona To Petersburg: Running Of The Bulls Comes Closer To Home

Want to run with the bulls? Well, you don't have to go all the way to Pamplona, Spain to do it this year.

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Smithsonian Team To Investigate Rise In Dolphin Deaths In Virginia

A team from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History will help uncover why a higher-than-usual number of dead dolphins have washed up on Virginia shores this year.


Working To Save The Painted 'Zonkeys' Of Tijuana

Americans once waited in line for the chance to be photographed atop the striped donkeys on this famed tourist strip. But 9/11, the recession and the Mexican drug war have stifled tourism and nearly put the "zonkeys" and their owners out of work. A new push is on to save the historic icons.

Climate Change Could Spell Final 'Chuckle' For Alpine Frog

The Cascades frog used to occupy alpine zones from California to the Canadian border, but its range is shrinking as global temperatures increase and snowpack declines. Scientists are hiking deep into the mountains of the Northwest to study the tiny frog, which makes a call that has been described as a "chuckling" sound.

Dolphins Recognize The Calls Of Long-Lost Friends

Scientists have known that dolphins recognize each other by the sound of each animal's signature whistle. But new research shows that dolphins remember and respond to these whistles for an incredibly long time — even after they've been separated from each other.