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Birds Of A Feather Spy Together

Journalist Tom Vanderbilt discusses the nonhuman operatives — from pigeons to house cats — deployed by the United States government during the Cold War. He wrote about the program recently for the Smithsonian magazine.

Shutdown Imperils Costly Lab Mice, Years Of Research

A lack of funding to labs is likely to mean an early death for thousands of mice used in scientific and medical research. The loss of specialty mice, many of which have genes that can cause them to develop versions of human diseases, is especially troubling to scientists — and expensive.
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This Week On Metro Connection: Shutdown City

As the partial government shutdown slogs through its second week, we'll look at the ripple effects on our region's residents and businesses.


Veterinarians Say Health Law's Device Tax Is Unfair To Pets

The Affordable Care Act included a sales tax on medical devices that is supposed to help pay for the expansion of health insurance coverage. But the tax is being levied on some devices, such as ultrasound scanners, that are used to diagnose and treat animals instead of humans.
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Chincoteague Pony Round-Up Postponed Due To Government Shutdown

The famous Chincoteague ponies will have to postpone their biannual well check thanks to the shutdown of the federal government.


The Truth About Lemmings, The Rodent, Not The Political Animal

The faction of House Republicans leading the charge against the Affordable Care Act amid a partial government shutdown have been referred to as lemmings by those who believe they are committing political suicide. But as Renee Montagne explains, the idea that lemmings commit mass suicide is a myth.

Researchers From U.S., Germany, Share Nobel Prize For Medicine

The trio was celebrated by the Nobel committee for unlocking a key mystery of cell function. The researchers "have revealed the exquisitely precise control system for the transport and delivery of cellular cargo," the committee says.

NYC Cockroaches Stick To Their Neighborhoods

Cockroaches, it just so happens, actually resemble humans, forming distinct groups and neighborhoods. Host Scott Simon talks to Mark Stoeckle of Rockefeller University, whose research uncovered this roach behavior.

Giant Hornets Kill Dozens In China; Warm Temps Might Be Cause

The insects are the size of an adult's thumb and can sting multiple times, delivering a large dose of venom.

Awww-some VIDEO: Little White Lion Cub Tries To Roar

Animal lovers' hearts may just melt when they see and hear a little lion born last week at the Belgrade Zoo in Serbia.