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'Bodysnatching' Parasite Sweeping Through Crab Populations In Chesapeake Bay

A bodysnatching parasite is spreading through crab populations in the Chesapeake Bay, and so far, the crab species at risk are of little economic consequence. But biologists say this invasive parasite has cousins that could wreak havoc with the Bay's fisheries.

Thousands Attend Funeral For Japan's Feline Stationmaster

A decade ago, a struggling train station in Japan anointed its calico cat Tama the stationmaster. The cat attracted so many tourists that she was credited with saving the station from bankruptcy.

Multiple Shark Attacks On Carolina Beaches

North Carolina has seen two attacks in as many days on the barrier islands just off its coast. In separate incidents last week, two people were attacked in South Carolina.

Wildlife Forensics Lab Uses Tech To Sniff, Identify Illegal Wood

International timber trafficking is an estimated $100 billion business. A lab that usually focuses on endangered animal cases is using a sophisticated machine to identify contraband wood shipments.

Puerto Rico's Monkey Island Lures Scientists For Generations

The isle of Cayo Santiago has been home to at least nine generations of rhesus monkeys since the colony's founding in 1938. Primatologists here seek clues to primate kinship, cognition and ecology.

A Boy Won't Let A Lion Get His Goat

An award-winning photo captures a friendly encounter between a young child and a painted feline.

'Stealthy' Giant Rhea Eludes Police In U.K.

The ostrich-like bird, native to South America, escaped from a farm in Nottinghamshire last week.

Flamingo Gets A New Leg; Goldfish Gone Wild

When a pink flamingo in Brazil lost its leg, zookeepers got it a prosthetic leg. In Alberta, Canada, don't flush your goldfish down the toilet — they're multiplying in storm ponds.

How The Turtle Got Its Shell

The ribs of a 240 million-year-old fossil hold clues to how the first turtle shell evolved. And its skull shape seems closer to that of lizards and snakes than to an ancestor of dinosaurs and birds.

Genetically Modified Salmon: Coming To A River Near You?

Scientists are trying to predict what might happen if genetically modified salmon escaped growth facilities. It's a scenario often raised by critics who don't want the FDA to approve sale of the fish.