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Satao, Legendary Tusker In Kenya, Killed By Poachers

The beloved elephant was killed by ivory poachers despite monitoring efforts. Renee Montagne talks to Richard Moller, the founder of Tsavo Trust, which works for the survival of Africa's elephants.
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Four Lion Cubs Added To National Zoo's Public Pride

You think your Father's Day is busy? Try being African lion Luke, who now has six rambunctious cubs running around his turf in the National Zoo's Great Cats Exhibit.


Maybe Dinosaurs Were A Coldblooded, Warmblooded Mix

Evidence from bone growth now suggests that T. rex and its kin had the best of both worlds. Their muscles and nerves fired fast like ours, but they burned energy slowly, more like lizards do.

How We Learned That Frogs Fly

Two Harvard professors. One on a rooftop with a bucket of frogs. The other in the front yard, down below. Ready? Get set. Throw!

A Bone Collector's Basement Of Animal Skulls Sees The Light

Ray Bandar's skeletons aren't in his closet — they're in his basement. The naturalist has 7,000 animal skulls in his collection, and some are now on view at the California Academy of Sciences.

Spiders Tune In To Web's Music To Size Up Meals And Mates

Pluck the silk of a spiderweb and it vibrates like a guitar string, scientists say. By strumming the strands and detecting the tune via sensors in its legs, a spider gets key information.

Pink The Pelican Released After Pouch Surgery

In April, a California brown pelican's pouch was brutally slashed. Pink the pelican was released this week after successful surgery. NPR's Scott Simon talks with veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Duerr.
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House Committee Votes To Effectively Ban Horse Meat

After a five-year hiatus, in 2011 processing horse meat was once again allowed in the United States. But the ban may be coming back.

Zoo: Keeper Accidentally Shot With Tranquilizer Was NOT In Gorilla Suit

The Loro Parque Zoo in Tenerife, Spain, made headlines after a zookeeper was accidentally hit with a tranquilizer dart. He's doing fine, and the zoo wants to clarify: No gorilla suit was involved.

Tracking Road Kill? There's An App For That, Too

A team from Utah State University have developed a smartphone application so "citizen scientists" can help them track animal-vehicle collisions.