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That Salmon On The Menu Might Be A Fraud — Especially In Winter

Diners were likely to get duped 67 percent of the time when ordering salmon in restaurants out of season, a survey says. Much of the deception involved farmed salmon passed off as more expensive wild.

Lions Quickly Disappearing In Much Of Africa, Study Says

Over large parts of the continent, their numbers could drop by half in the next two decades. Only in four countries in southern Africa is the species holding its own.

Trigger Unhappy: Dog Shoots Owner In Foot

Allie Carter put her shotgun down during a hunt in North Webster, Ind., and her dog Trigger stepped on it, shooting her in the foot. Carter was treated for injuries at a hospital and released.
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Maryland Fisherman Snags Record-Setting Snakehead Fish

It was a record-setting day for one fisherman from Upper Marlboro, who caught a record-setting invasive fish.


WATCH: Long-Lost Parachuting Beaver Footage From 1950

Circa 1950, Idaho Fish and Game tried a new way to handle beaver overpopulation: relocate some by dropping them from planes. A film was made to document the practice, but it was lost — until now.

Subway Joins The Fast-Food, Antibiotic-Free Meat Club

The chain says it will shift to buying only meat from animals that weren't fed antibiotics. It's set to serve antibiotic-free poultry by the end of next year, but beef and pork may take until 2025.

Flights Of Fancy: Exploring The Songs And Pathways Of 'The Living Bird'

Wildlife photographer Gerrit Vyn and essayist Scott Weidensaul share bird calls and discuss some of the remarkable abilities of birds. Both men contributed to a new book about North American birds.

Here's How You Can Outrun A Horse

Humans are pathetic at athletic feats compared to animals. We get outrun by ostriches and outswum by penguins. But human physiology makes us aces at one sport: endurance running. Sorry, horse.

What's Funny About The Business Of Monkeys Picking Coconuts?

Animal advocates were outraged after discovering videos of leashed monkeys picking coconuts in Thailand. But monkey trainers and scientists say it's common practice and doesn't count as abuse.

Rare Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Washes Ashore In Southern California

A yellow-bellied sea snake washed ashore in Ventura County, Calif., Friday. It's the first reported sighting of the species in Southern California since 1983. Now it's joining the collection at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.