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Instead Of Replacing Missing Body Parts, Moon Jellies Recycle

If a starfish loses a limb, a new arm buds and grows in its place. But young moon jellies have a different strategy for self-repair: Existing limbs rearrange themselves to regain symmetry.

Why MERS Is Likely To Crop Up Outside The Middle East Again

It's unknown what triggers an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome. But scientists think the virus comes from camels. So until we stop it in animals, MERS will continue to cause trouble.

10 Dead, Zoo Animals Loose As Flooding Hits Tbilisi

The rising waters wrecked the animals' enclosures, sending tigers, lions, bears, wolves and at least one hippo into the streets of the Georgian capital.

As Fish Stocks Dwindle, So Do The Livelihoods Of Greek Fishermen

The Greek fisherman casting a net from his small wooden boat is a postcard image of the Mediterranean. But fish stocks are so low now that many fishermen say they can't make a living anymore.

Scottish Charity Get Calls About All Sorts Of Animals

Investigators went out to check on a report of a distressed donkey. Turns out it was a garden ornament. Scotland's STV News reports those kinds of calls are not that unusual.

Why Is This Fisherman Selling Threatened Bluefin Tuna For $2.99 A Pound?

That low price doesn't reflect the true state of Pacific bluefin: Scientists say it's in deep trouble. But fishermen who catch it say they're just trying to make a living — and obeying the law.

Parched Northwest Raises A Variety Of Concerns

The usually-snowy peaks of Olympic National Park are a deep green. That means less snowmelt in rivers that provide water for farmland, and spawning grounds for more than a million fish.

It's Spawning Season: Are Horseshoe Crabs Down For the Count?

Migratory birds and humans have long relied on the odd creatures, and scientists now fear they're on the decline. This time each year, volunteers fan out along Mid-Atlantic coast to count the crabs.

Like Us, Chimps Go Bananas For Booze

Scientists have spotted chimpanzees routinely sipping palm wine from trees in Guinea. The study supports a theory that our common relatives evolved the ability to digest alcohol millions of years ago.

Therapy Dog Loses License Over Costume

Chopper the Biker Dog wears a leather vest, bandanna and goggles. The dog has lost his therapy certification. The agency Pet Partners calls costumes a hazard.