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Rounding Up The Last Of A Deadly Cattle Virus

Rinderpest, or cattle plague, was declared eradicated in 2011. But many research institutes still have samples of the rinderpest virus in storage. Disease experts want those samples destroyed.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Nov. 12, 2015

This week, cats make it to the big screen, but probably still hate us. Amphibians also get their moment in the spotlight.


SeaWorld Reinvents Itself In Face Of Growing 'Blackfish' Scrutiny

Facing continued pressure from activists and lawmakers over its shows featuring captive killer whales, SeaWorld is addressing its problems by putting an emphasis on conservation and education.

Farmers Have Been Enjoying The Fruits Of Bee Labor For 9,000 Years

Bees play a vital role in pollinating the crops we eat. Turns out, that relationship with agriculture began shortly after the rise of settled farming, new research shows.

Brazilian Toddler Takes On Snake; Hair Dresser Takes On Alligator

A toddler mistook a black snake that slithered into his crib for a toy, and bit down on it. A Texas dental hygienist and licensed alligator wrangler subdued a gator heading for a hair salon.

For Taiwanese Dogs, Being Square Is Stylish

These days, owners are asking for their four-legged friends to be styled as spheres and squares. We visit the Taiwanese grooming shop where the geometric grooming trend took root.

SeaWorld To Change Its Criticized Orca Show After Next Year

The company's market value has plunged after complaints about its treatment of killer whales. The CEO says in 2017 SeaWorld in San Diego will switch to an "informative" show in a more natural setting.

NPR Rescued A Chicken That Tried To Cross The Road...

And that led us to interview a chicken expert who shared some exciting news about chickens in the developing world.

Why A Neurotoxin Is Closing Crab Season In California

State officials have closed recreational and commercial fishing for Dungeness and rock crab on the California coast, due to a large algae bloom that's making the crab unsafe for consumption.

Big Trouble Looms For California Salmon — And For Fishermen

Thanks to a blazing hot summer and unusually warm water, early counts of juvenile winter-run Chinook are at extreme low levels. To protect them, regulators may restrict ocean fishing.