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Rare Black-Footed Ferrets Blossom At National Zoo

black-footed ferrets

There has been a baby boom at the National Zoo for an animal once thought to be extinct in the wild.


An Ice Age Beast Evolved To Beat The Cold

The recent discovery of a woolly rhino skull on the Tibetan Plateau suggests that the rhino was one of the few animals that was prepared for the Ice Age when it came along. Scientists wonder which isolated places on Earth today will be the cradle of evolution for the next big environmental change.

Human Brain Responds To Animals, Cute Or Creepy

A part of the brain called the amygdala has cells specialized to detect animals, researchers have found. One reason we have these cells may be that some animals posed a threat to our ancestors. But researchers also found cells that respond specifically to cute animals like puppies or bunnies.

Polar Bear Scientist Was Accused By Federal Worker

The controversial "polarbeargate" investigation into Arctic researcher Charles Monnett originated when allegations of scientific misconduct were made by a "seasoned, career Department of the Interior" employee. Until now, what sparked the investigation had been a mystery.

LAPD Officer Puts A Muzzle On Illegal Animal Sales

Thousands of animals are sold illegally on the streets of Los Angeles every year — dogs, cats, lizards, rabbits and turtles. But the city passed a new ordinance to help police the problem. And one officer, nicknamed Dr. Dolittle, is helping enforce it.
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