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Why Rain Is Not A Problem For Hummingbirds

New slow-motion photography shows the tiny birds shed water much like dogs do: by whipping their heads back and forth. But hummingbirds do it mid-flight and really fast — reaching a G-Force of 34. That's five times faster than a Formula 1 racing car.
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Fairfax Shelter Launches Holiday Animal Adoption Event

dogs at the fairfax shelter

"Operation Empty Cage" in Fairfax County is aimed at finding homes for all the stray pets in the Fairfax shelter in time for the holidays.


How Dogs Evolved Into 'Our Best Friends'

Naturalist Mark Derr says our friendship with dogs and wolves goes back thousands of years more than previously believed. His new book explores how the relationship between humans and wolves developed.
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Veteran Dogs Honored On Capital Hill

Veterans Day is this Friday, but some four-legged vets are being honored today on Capitol Hill.

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Voters Picked 'Rosebud' For Ferret's Name

After more than 1,000 online votes, the 6-month-old endangered black-footed ferret has a new name.


A Researcher Asks: Are Dolphins Self-Aware?

Like chimpanzees, dolphins are large-brained and highly social animals, but can they recognize themselves in a mirror? Psychologist and dolphin researcher Diana Reiss discusses her work with dolphin communication and cognition.

How An Elegant Moth Stays Aloft

To feed, the hawk moth unrolls a long proboscis, sticks it in a flower like a straw, and slurps up nectar. It looks like a hummingbird feeding. Like the hummingbird, the moth has to be stable in the air to get a drink. Biologist Ty Hedrick filmed the moths with high-speed video to try to understand how they hold steady.