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With Rescue Dogs In Demand, More Shelters Look Far Afield For Fido

In many parts of the country, demand for adoptive pets outstrips the supply of healthy dogs. Many shelters and rescue groups now import dogs from other states — and even other countries.

No-Kill Shelters Save Millions Of Unwanted Pets — But Not All Of Them

In the 20 years since San Francisco's SPCA guaranteed adoption for healthy dogs, shelters and rescue groups have embraced the no-kill approach. But the term means different things to different people.

Exercising Penguins Are A Hit With Tourists In Japan

A zoo in Japan takes its penguins on a 30-minute waddle twice a day during the winter to keep them from getting too chubby. Visitors line the route and snap pictures of the penguins.

Scientists Discover That Drunk Birds Sing Like Drunks

The songs of zebra finches, long used as a model for how humans learn to use speech, get a little sloppy after a few drinks, a new study finds. Future research will look at how it affects learning.

Argentinian Orangutan May Be Free To Enjoy Some Privacy

Sandra, a shy Orangutan in Argentina, has been granted some legal rights that will allow her some freedom. NPR's Linda Wertheimer tells us more.

Recordings That Made Waves: The Songs That Saved The Whales

In the mid-1960s, a biologist discovered the beauty of humpback whale songs. But his recordings weren't just academic — they were woven into popular music, and they kicked off an entire movement.

Do Fish Have Fingers?

Of course they don't, but they do have the genetic machinery to make fingers — something that shows how similar fish are to modern mammals.

Dog Races To Catch Up With Ambulance

In Brazil, a man had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. The animal chased the ambulance until the crew stopped and let the dog climb in.

Unexpected Life Found In The Ocean's Deepest Trench

An expedition to the Pacific's Mariana Trench has found evidence that life exists miles below the surface. But it's not life as we know it.

Farm Fresh? Natural? Eggs Not Always What They're Cracked Up To Be

Egg cartons these days are often plastered with an array of terms that can confuse and even mislead consumers. Here's a glossary of carton jargon for the wannabe informed egg buyer.