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How A Clever Virus Kills A Very Hungry Caterpillar

Scientists have found the gene that drives a virus to kill gypsy moth caterpillars in a particularly gruesome way. The virus forces the caterpillars up to the tops of trees, where they melt and rain down virus onto the leaves below.
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Hurricane Irene Destroys Bald Eagle Nests

A large number of Bald Eagle nests have been destroyed along the James River due to Hurricane Irene.


Thirsty Birds 'Burn The Engine' In Flight

Migrating birds fly hundreds of miles at a time with no break. A new study shows that they may be staying hydrated by burning up their own muscles and organs.

Champion Swimmer Takes On Dolphins And Loses

Italian swimmer Filippo Magnini — a two-time world champion — took on 19-year-old King and nine-year-old Leah. King and Leah are dolphins. They edged out Magnini in the final strokes. The human swimmer was even given a handicap — the dolphins had to swim twice as many lengths.
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Activists Urge P.G. County To Reduce Cat Euthanization

A Maryland animal rights organization is pushing P.G. County to change their policy on stray cats to one where far fewer cats will be euthanized.


Gator Wrestling: 'Not A Thinking Man's Sport'

Jay Young, owner of Colorado Gators, teaches brave souls willing to pay $100 how to wrestle alligators. His family once used the alligators as garbage disposals for their fish farm, but over the years the gators became the main attraction.

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District Announces Third Annual Doggie Day Swim

As summer winds down, dog owners will get a one-day chance to let their pets take a dip in some of the District's public pools.

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Rare Black-Footed Ferrets Blossom At National Zoo

black-footed ferrets

There has been a baby boom at the National Zoo for an animal once thought to be extinct in the wild.