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Dogs Rescued From 'Meat Farm' Moved To D.C. Shelters

Nearly two dozen dogs rescued from a "meat farm'' in South Korea are a step closer to finding safe homes here in the D.C. region.

What Did It Take To Find The Giant Squid?

Humans have been looking for the giant squid for decades. Oceanographer Edith Widder shares how innovative technology helped her capture the squid on video for the first time.

A Panda's First Snow Day: Pile On The Cuteness

Because life isn't all political drama and misdeeds, we bring you a video of the young panda Bao Bao frolicking in the snow at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

How Anglers Are Learning To Save Fish That Get 'The Bends'

Millions of deep-water fish die every year because of barotrauma, a condition divers know as "the bends." But scientists say descending devices can help fish survive a trip to the surface.

Researchers Enlist Internet Users To Help Monitor Penguins

Penguin Watch lets people around the world further science by looking at images of the adorable birds in the wild. Researcher Caitlin Black tells NPR's Rachel Martin how you can help from your chair.

Orca Calf Shows Signs Of Whale Midwifery

A whale researcher has a new hypothesis about orca whales: Whale "midwives" may be assisting births.

Snow Angels: Men Dig Out Moose Buried By Avalanche

The snowmobilers who found the moose said they couldn't leave it to die. But they risked becoming buried in an avalanche themselves to save it.

High-Tech Tools Help Irish Dairy Farmers Produce More Milk

In deepest rural Ireland, traditional farmers are developing advanced technology in the name of more milk from happier cows. An old-fashioned dairy has embraced wearable technology for cows.

Where Could Ebola Strike Next? Scientists Hunt Virus In Asia

A handful of ecologists knew for years that West Africa was at risk for an Ebola outbreak. Now they're figuring out where else in the world the virus could be hiding. Many signs point to Asia.

These Froggies Went A Courtin' And Gave Birth To Live Tadpoles

Who needs eggs? Scientists have discovered an unusual frog species that gives birth to live tadpoles.