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Love Giant Insects? Meet The Tree Lobster, Back From The Brink

The 8-inch insect nearly went extinct when hungry rats overran its island. But Melbourne scientists found a few in 2001 and started a thriving colony. Now the San Diego Zoo is hatching them, too.

A Fix For Gender-Bias In Animal Research Could Help Humans

Women report more bad side effects from medicines than men do. Researchers say the discrepancy may stem in part from how biomedical research is conducted at its earliest stages in animals.

An Old Bird Can Hatch A New Chick — Even At Age 65

Wisdom, a Laysan albatross that researchers first tagged in 1956, has hatched what could be her 40th chick, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says.


Virus Profilers Race To Figure Out What Makes Zika Tick

Though Zika was discovered in 1947, few scientists since had studied the virus. Now, while some check its genes, others turn to placental cells for clues to any link between Zika and birth defects.

Badger Aids British Archaeologists

Relics from the Bronze Age were discovered just north of Stonehenge by a burrowing badger. The bronze saw, copper chisel and an archer's wrist guard date back 4,000 years ago.
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Yann Martel: "The High Mountains of Portugal"

The best-selling author of "Life of Pi” on his new novel. Three connected tales set decades apart in Portugal about love, grief and faith. A quest to find an old crucifix, a surreal ghost story, and a fable about a chimpanzee.


Two Grad Students Use Science To Bust The Dinner Hoax Of The Century

In 1951, members of the scientific Explorers Club thought they had dined on prehistoric meat dug out of the Alaskan tundra. The meal became legend. Now two Yale students have unraveled the deception.

Billy The Kid Is On The Loose

He is better known at the University of Iowa as William the Goat. One of 14 goats owned by the school, he escaped last week. There have been several spottings but authorities can't pin him down.

Kitten Makes Himself At Home In Pet Food Warehouse

For more than a year, a family in Britain had been searching for their kitten. Clive recently was found inside a pet food warehouse. When he was finally discovered, Clive was quite the fat cat.

Florida Governor Ramps Up Mosquito Fight To Stay Ahead Of Zika

It's only a matter of time, Gov. Rick Scott figures, before the Zika virus shows up in Florida mosquitoes. He's called for increased spraying and other moves to keep Zika and other diseases in check.