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Pigeon Racers Share A Passion For Flying Fast

Racing pigeons aren't like the pigeons you see in a park. They're stronger, bred for endurance and brains. Thousands of people are flocking to the sport, which isn't without some risk — to the birds and those who don't get out of the way.

Hunt For A Vanishing Woodpecker

In 1956, dentist and amateur ornithologist William Rhein captured the rare Imperial woodpecker on 16 mm color film. Although this 85 second clip is the only known photographic record of the bird, Rhein kept the film to himself until after he died. Writer and bird fanatic Tim Gallagher tells the story of Rhein's expedition to look for the bird, and his own trip to the same mountains over 50 years later.

Experimental Drug Melts The Fat Off Chunky Monkeys

The drug, given by injection, isn't going to be on pharmacy shelves anytime soon. But it has now been seen to work in five different species — from mice to monkeys. A human test of the drug is set to begin soon.

Flying Rhinos: Photos You Don't See Every Day

Researchers use a new, gentler technique to transport 19 rhinos out of a poacher-plagued region in South Africa.

Why Rain Is Not A Problem For Hummingbirds

New slow-motion photography shows the tiny birds shed water much like dogs do: by whipping their heads back and forth. But hummingbirds do it mid-flight and really fast — reaching a G-Force of 34. That's five times faster than a Formula 1 racing car.
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Fairfax Shelter Launches Holiday Animal Adoption Event

dogs at the fairfax shelter

"Operation Empty Cage" in Fairfax County is aimed at finding homes for all the stray pets in the Fairfax shelter in time for the holidays.


How Dogs Evolved Into 'Our Best Friends'

Naturalist Mark Derr says our friendship with dogs and wolves goes back thousands of years more than previously believed. His new book explores how the relationship between humans and wolves developed.