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Assessing Consumer Concerns About The Meat Industry

Tom Philpott, who covers food and the agricultural industry for Mother Jones, joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross for a wide-ranging discussion about health and other issues affecting the meat industry.

A Scientist's 20-Year Quest To Defeat Dengue Fever

Scott O'Neill's big idea to rid the world of dengue is both clever and complex: He wants to infect mosquitoes with bacteria so they can't carry the virus that causes the disease. "I was incredibly persistent in not wanting to give this idea up," he says. But advances aren't easy: "It's incredibly frustrating work."

Artist Takes Taxidermy To New Heights

Bart Jansen was devastated when his cat Orville, named for Orville Wright, was run over by a car. Jansen had Orville stuffed, and fitted with remote controlled helicopter propellers. The Orvillecopter flies around an art exhibit in Amsterdam.

Splish Splat? Why Raindrops Don't Kill Mosquitoes

Imagine how tough life would be if raindrops weighed 3 tons apiece as they fell out of the sky at 20 mph. That's how raindrops look to a mosquito, yet a raindrop weighing 50 times more than one can hit the insect and the mosquito will survive.
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Jenny Brown: "The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals"

A former television producer explains how she became a vegan animal rights activist and co-founder of a farm animal sanctuary.