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Animal Rights Group Loses Copyright Suit Over Monkey Selfies

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a monkey cannot own the copyrights to selfies he took.

Monkey Can't Own Copyright To His Selfie, Federal Judge Says

A district judge in San Francisco said that Congress and the president can choose to "extend the protection of law to animals as well as humans" — but that for now, no, monkeys can't own copyrights.

Canadian Cat Cafe Closes Temporarily

The Catfe in Vancouver no sooner opened its doors than it had to close temporarily because of a cat shortage. Due to the overwhelming success of adoptions in the first few weeks, it ran out of cats.

Veterans Say Trained Dogs Help With PTSD, But The VA Won't Pay

Service dogs help veterans with physical disabilities, and there's increased interest in using dogs for symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, too. A study is underway to see whether that helps.

Lack Of Deep Sleep May Set The Stage For Alzheimer's

A mouse's brain clears out toxins during periods of deep sleep — including toxins that form the sticky plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease. Could the same hold true for people?

The Year In Eggs: Everyone's Going Cage-Free, Except Supermarkets

Egg producers who for years said they couldn't give up cages for egg-laying hens made the switch to cage-free in 2015. Big egg buyers, including McDonald's, Nestle and Subway, made commitments, too.

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National Zoo Cuts Hours, Prompting A Petition From Neighbors

Starting Jan. 1, the Smithsonian National Zoo will open later and close earlier, eliminating three hours of visitor time each day, and some D.C. residents aren't happy about it.

The Biggest Threats To Birds And How You Can Help

It's not easy being a bird. There are windows, cell towers, wind farms, habitat destruction and especially cats. NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with Talkin' Birds host Ray Brown about avian dangers.

After Killing Of Cecil, White House Enacts Protections For Lions

Months after an American dentist shot and killed a beloved African lion named Cecil, the Obama administration moves to protect lions in Africa through the Endangered Species Act.

Large Snake Hops A Ride On MTA Bus In Brooklyn

Forget about snakes on a plane. A photo on social media showed the snake crawling along the edge of a window last weekend. MTA workers were able to remove the snake.