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'Hollywood Hoofbeats' Chronicles The Horses That Captured Moviegoers' Hearts

Author Petrine Day Mitchum tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies that show business horses have been known to develop an actor's affection for the camera, often coming to life when the director says "action."

And Then There Were 4: Second Eaglet Emerges On D.C. Eagle Cam

"Mr. President" and "The First Lady," a pair of mated bald eagles in the National Arboretum, are officially raising two eaglets: their second egg hatched overnight.


The Story Pitch We Caught And Released: The 'Assfish'

Each week, some story ideas make it on air while others die at the pitch meeting. Editor Ed McNulty gets a second chance to sell Rachel Martin on a story about a bony-eared fish with a funny name.

'Blackfish' Director Calls New SeaWorld Policy 'A Defining Moment'

Sea World is shutting down its controversial Orca shows. In light of this, Rachel Martin revisits a conversation with Gabriela Cowperthwaite, director of the documentary Blackfish.

Eaglet Number 2 Is On The Way For America's 'Most Patriotic Nest Cam'

The American Eagle Foundation confirms that there's a "pip in progress" on the second egg in the nest in the National Arboretum — meaning the baby bird is starting to break its way out.

Gigi The Cow Broke The Milk Production Record. Is That Bad For Cows?

Cows are being bred to be larger, hungrier, and more productive. But this drive to raise ever-larger, hulking Holsteins has some prominent livestock advocates ringing alarm bells.

Hatched! Eaglet Emerges From Its Egg On D.C. Eagle Cam

A little wing flap came more than 24 hours after the first "pip" — a hole in eggshell — was spotted, bringing sighs of relief and joy to the baby bird's fans.
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LISTEN: We Get Close, But Not Too Close, To The Bald Eagle Cam Nest

Armando Trull talks to National Arboretum Director Richard Olson about the bald eagles First Lady and Mr. President as the birds prepare to welcome two eaglets into the world.


SeaWorld To End Orca Breeding Program In Partnership With Humane Society

SeaWorld announced it will end it's orca breeding program, phase out orca performances and partner with the Humane Society of the U.S. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with SeaWorld President and CEO Joel Manby and Humane Society President and CEO Wayne Pacelle.

Pigeons Are London's Newest Pollution Fighters

Pigeons have a bad reputation. But London's Pigeon Air Patrol is monitoring pollution levels. A flock of racing pigeons equipped with sensors launched this week. The results, naturally, are tweeted.