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Kenya To Host Largest Ivory Burn To Combat Elephant Poaching

Nairobi National Park will host the largest ever ivory burn on Saturday, burning over 100 tons of tusks. The pyrotechnic team is hoping they have enough donated fuel to make the big burn, burn.

'Jungle Book' Love: Why I Identify With The 'Flower In Underpants'

Growing up in India, she was a fan of the dubbed-in-Hindi TV series. As a globetrotting adult, she is touched by the Disney movie version.

Congress Poised To Approve Bill Designating Bison As National Mammal

Move over bald eagles, there's a new animal in town — bison! The National Bison Legacy Act, which designated the magnificent beasts as the national mammal, passed the House on Tuesday. The Senate is expected to pass the act later this week. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to Germaine White, cultural specialist for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes in northwest Montana.

Keeping Bees Safe: It's A Ruff Job, But This Doggy Detective Gets It Done

Mack is the newest addition to the Maryland Department of Agriculture's apiary inspection team. He uses his superior sniffer to find hives infected with a contagious disease that kills bee colonies.
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Wayne Pacelle: "The Humane Economy"

This has been a significant year for the animal rights movement. Sea World vowed to stop breeding orcas. And Walmart pledged to sell only cage-free eggs. The head of the Humane Society on how consumer pressure and innovation are driving animal protection.


As Colombia Grows Safer, Tourists — Especially Bird Lovers — Flock Back

A half-century of guerrilla conflict is coming to an end in Colombia. In its wake, tourists are returning — especially birders. Colombia is home to 1,900 bird species, more than any other country.

Superhearing And Fast Growth ... Scientists Learn Why Sauropods Ruled

A nearly complete fossilized skull from Argentina helps explains the success of these giant dinosaurs that roamed some 95 million years ago.

Freedom And Liberty: Month-Old Eaglets Get Names In D.C.

More than 36,000 online votes were cast in the competition to name the two young eagles, the American Eagle Foundation says. Names such as Cherry and Blossom lost out.

Reef Larger Than Delaware Found At The Mouth Of The Amazon River

The reef is unusual because it lies in muddy waters, and scientists had only seen hints of its existence until recent research expeditions. They say it's already in danger because of oil drilling.

How Do Ants Survive Floods? Rafts Of Course

Scott Simon talks with entomologist Jessica Purcell about her research into the ingenious strategy one kind of European ant uses to stay safe in floods: joining their bodies to form floating rafts.