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Zanesville Saddened After Exotic Animals Are Killed

It's been a wild 24 hours in Zanesville, Ohio. More than 50 lions, tigers and other exotic and dangerous animals were on the loose. Authorities say the owner let the animals out of their cages and then apparently committed suicide. Sheriff's deputies were forced to kill some of the animals.

Voters Pass Initiative Aimed At Stopping Alaska Mine

Voters in southwest Alaska have narrowly passed an initiative aimed at stopping an open pit copper and gold mine. The proposed Pebble Mine is near one of the largest sockeye salmon spawning areas. But whether digging continues will likely be decided in the Alaska State Supreme Court.

More Reasons To Eat Your Fruits And Veggies

In a new study, researchers from McMaster University found that in people with a certain gene that elevates heart attack risk, a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help lower the risk. Dr. Sonia Anand explains the study, and what still needs to be learned about the gene.

Scientists Seek A Break In Aquaculture's Fish-Eat-Fish Chain

A new report from Food and Water Watch turns up the heat on how we feed farmed fish and the environmental toll it takes. It takes three pounds of wild fish to feed one pound of farmed salmon, so scientists are looking for alternatives.

Listen Up: Here's How Some Piranhas Bark Before They Bite

Those drumlike sounds some of the fish can make mean they're about to chow down, researchers say. They've identified at least three distinct sounds.

Naked Mole Rat's Genetic Code Laid Bare

The piggy-nosed, coldblooded animals are neither rats nor moles. But scientists hope the naked mole rat's newly sequenced genome may offer insights not only into aging but also cancer and other diseases.
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Bird CSI: Maryland Bald Eagle Not Shot After All

bald eagle

A bald eagle believed to have been shot dead last month is now said to have died of natural causes.


A Picture Of Poaching: Baby Gorilla Rescued

Park rangers thwart poachers' plans to sell a baby gorilla in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now, caretakers are watching little Shamavu around the clock.

Inside Namibia's Rural Communal Conservancies

The southwest African country of Namibia is trying a controversial approach to preserving its wildlife. Rural people control the animals and profit from them. But they have also found they must shoot some of the animals to cull the herds.