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Another Bald Eagle Success Story For Wildlife Center Of Virginia

A rehabilitated bald eagle was released this past weekend at the Rappahannock River Wildlife Refuge, another notch in the belt for conservationists in Waynesboro, Va.


International Convention Moves To Limit Shark 'Finning' Trade

The CITES convention agrees in principle to limit the trade in five types of shark and two types of manta ray in a crackdown on the trade in shark meat and fins.

'Frankenstein's Cat': Bioengineering The Animals Of The Future

Science journalist Emily Anthes talks about how scientists are engineering mice with tumors and working to create pigs that can grow organs for human transplant and insects that could serve as drones for the military.
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Virginia Zoo Discontinues Keeper Aide Program

Volunteers at the Virginia Zoo can no longer work with exotic animals.


Sniffing Out Bombs In Afghanistan: A Job That's Gone To The Dogs

Highly trained dogs are part of the U.S. military's fight against improvised explosive devices, which are the No. 1 killer of civilians and troops in Afghanistan. The dogs can search places that high-tech equipment simply can't.

Young Adult Prairie Dogs Dig Living In Mom's Basement

Most animals leave their home turf when they reach adulthood to avoid competing with relatives. But here's an exception. More than three decades of dogged research shows that prairie dogs are more likely to disperse when all their family members are gone.

Coroner: Zoo Intern May Have Been Killed After Lion Lifted Cage Handle

Dianna Hanson was apparently surprised by the big cat as she was cleaning an enclosure and talking on her cell phone to a co-worker.