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Researchers From U.S., Germany, Share Nobel Prize For Medicine

The trio was celebrated by the Nobel committee for unlocking a key mystery of cell function. The researchers "have revealed the exquisitely precise control system for the transport and delivery of cellular cargo," the committee says.

NYC Cockroaches Stick To Their Neighborhoods

Cockroaches, it just so happens, actually resemble humans, forming distinct groups and neighborhoods. Host Scott Simon talks to Mark Stoeckle of Rockefeller University, whose research uncovered this roach behavior.

Giant Hornets Kill Dozens In China; Warm Temps Might Be Cause

The insects are the size of an adult's thumb and can sting multiple times, delivering a large dose of venom.

Awww-some VIDEO: Little White Lion Cub Tries To Roar

Animal lovers' hearts may just melt when they see and hear a little lion born last week at the Belgrade Zoo in Serbia.

Out Of The Rat Race: Lucky Rodents Find Their Own 'Taj Mahal'

Dawn and Don Burke never intended to turn their home into a rat sanctuary. But after Dawn brought home a rat from a pet store, it wasn't long until the couple began taking in abandoned rats. The rodents' cage doors stay wide open, giving them plenty of space to run around.

WATCH: Newborn White Lion Cubs In South Korea

The pair of rare lions were put on public display Tuesday for the first time by South Korea's Everland zoo.
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Environmental Outlook: The Shrinking Monarch Butterfly Population

As Monarch butterflies head south for the winter, scientists fear their numbers might have dropped to new lows. In this month’s Environmental Outlook we discuss the mystery of Monarch migration and what’s causing the population to decline.


Scientists Find Sea Louse Has Tidal 'Body Clock'

The tiny organism has an internal clock that triggers it to swim vigorously every 12.4 hours, coinciding with the changing tide — even when it's removed from its habitat.

Animal Park In England Enforces Strict Dress Code

Officials at the Chessington World of Adventure noticed the animals getting really confused when they saw visitors in furs or leopard-print shirts.There will be bouncers enforcing the code, giving offending visitors bland gray jumpsuits to wear.

Ancient Fish Fossil Sheds Light On Modern Jaws

A newly discovered fossil of a fish in China changes what scientists know about the origins of jaws. It turns out, human jaws are remarkably similar to the jaw of this 419-million-year-old fish. That suggests jaws evolved much earlier than previously thought.