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WATCH: Newborn White Lion Cubs In South Korea

The pair of rare lions were put on public display Tuesday for the first time by South Korea's Everland zoo.
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Environmental Outlook: The Shrinking Monarch Butterfly Population

As Monarch butterflies head south for the winter, scientists fear their numbers might have dropped to new lows. In this month’s Environmental Outlook we discuss the mystery of Monarch migration and what’s causing the population to decline.


Scientists Find Sea Louse Has Tidal 'Body Clock'

The tiny organism has an internal clock that triggers it to swim vigorously every 12.4 hours, coinciding with the changing tide — even when it's removed from its habitat.

Animal Park In England Enforces Strict Dress Code

Officials at the Chessington World of Adventure noticed the animals getting really confused when they saw visitors in furs or leopard-print shirts.There will be bouncers enforcing the code, giving offending visitors bland gray jumpsuits to wear.

Ancient Fish Fossil Sheds Light On Modern Jaws

A newly discovered fossil of a fish in China changes what scientists know about the origins of jaws. It turns out, human jaws are remarkably similar to the jaw of this 419-million-year-old fish. That suggests jaws evolved much earlier than previously thought.

With Murky Water And Manatee Deaths, Lagoon Languishes

Florida's Indian River lagoon is a rich estuary, home to dolphins, manatees and turtles. But in recent months, it has become clear that something is wrong. Scientists and government officials blame water discharges from Lake Okeechobee and an upswing in pollution.

Ancient Fish With Strong Jawline Could Rewrite History Of Faces

Entelognathus primordialis, which lived some 420 million years ago, is the earliest known creature with a modern jaw. It could upend our understanding of how jawed vertebrates evolved.

Weekly Innovation: Pampering Your Pooch From Afar

An entrepreneurial 13-year-old's device allows you to video chat with your dog and dispense treats with a digital command. She's hoping it will help with separation anxiety — both for humans and pets.

Environmental Group Tries To Sabotage Wolf Hunting Season

In Montana and Idaho, wolf hunting season is underway, and an environmental organization known for acts of civil disobedience is trying to disrupt the hunts. Earth First is circulating a manual that details among other things how to dismantle traps. Authorities say some of the tactics are illegal.

Global Love Of Bananas May Be Hurting Costa Rica's Crocodiles

Bananas are the most popular fruit in America, and demand is growing worldwide, too. But growing bananas requires a lot of pesticides. And a new study shows that some of those chemicals are ending up in caimans living downstream from banana plantations in Costa Rica, where many of the bananas that Americans eat are grown.