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Two Alligators Topping 720 Pounds Each Caught In Mississippi

The massive reptiles, which were both caught Sunday, set new state records for heaviest male alligator. Each hunting team spent hours trying to bring the gators in.

How To Build Little Doors Inside Your Shell: The Secrets of Snail Carpentry

Snails getting ready for winter are natural carpenters. They construct doors, or maybe you'd call them walls, inside their shells. They do this without hammers, nails or cement. Instead, they use their foot — and of course, their favorite material, mucus. Welcome to the ingenious world of snail construction.

Woman Waits 8 Years To Get Diamond After Chicken Ate It

After her pet chicken ate a diamond earring, a woman in England decided to wait until the bird died to get her jewelry back. The earring could have been removed surgically but she was afraid the chicken wouldn't survive.

The Latest In Scientific Field Equipment? Fido's Nose

Conservationists around the world are using a new kind of field equipment. It can navigate difficult terrain, detect tiny chemical samples, and ... wag its tail. Detection dogs are teaming up with humans to study rare, endangered and invasive organisms.

Enough With Baby Talk; Infants Learn From Lemur Screeches, Too

Even infants too young to discern the meaning of words seem better able to learn while listening to the sound of human speech than while listening to nonsense — speech run backward. Little surprise there, perhaps, but a study shows that recordings of lemur calls spark learning, too.

Wild Stork Picked Up For Spying In Egypt

A fisherman saw the bird along the Nile River with a suspicious electronic device fixed to its wing. The fisherman made a citizen's arrest. Concerned officials found it was not a spying device, just a wildlife tracker.
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Measles-Like Virus Killing Dolphins In Mid-Atlantic

Just one day after a critically ill bottlenose dolphin beached itself in Ocean City, another of its kind was found dead early this morning.


Dogs Prove To Be Key In Battle Against Giant African Snails

While Florida hasn't yet declared victory, more than 128,000 of the destructive creatures have been found and eradicated in the past two years. Labrador retrievers are being used to sniff out the snails.

Wise Old Whooping Cranes Keep Captive-Bred Fledglings On Track

A decade ago, cranes that had never before migrated followed the lead of an ultralight plane to learn the route south. Several generations later, old cranes are teaching young birds to navigate that same route. It's a clue that migration is a combination of nature and nurture, researchers say.

Antibiotic Use On The Farm: Are We Flying Blind?

No one knows exactly how farmers use antibiotics. Many public health experts say the government should collect and publish detailed information because antibiotic-resistant bacteria are an increasingly urgent problem. But many farm groups are opposed.