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How Yosemite Keeps Its Bears' Paws Off Campers' Hamburgers

The park's bears have developed a taste for humans' food, and that's gotten them in big trouble. But efforts to teach campers to lock up food are helping solve the problem, a bear hair analysis shows.

Moo-d Music: Do Cows Really Prefer Slow Jams?

Some farmers have long sworn by mellow tunes to boost Bessie's milk production. The science is hardly conclusive. But a study hints at what might top the barnyard playlist. (Psst: They liked R.E.M.)

The Secret Lives Of Cows: Jumping For Joy

Yes, they're big, lumbering, earthbound creatures. But sometimes, Bessie and friends just have to get airborne.

Creation Museum: Bill Nye Debate Sparked Funding 'Miracle'

Ken Ham, the museum's founder, says a $73-million Noah's Ark theme park was saved from bankruptcy thanks in part to the media attention generated by the face off.

In The Arizona Wilds, Burro Murders Baffle Investigators

Despite federal protections, slow-moving wild donkeys are being targeted, and the shooters are getting away with it. Originally gold miners' pack animals, burros are symbolic of the American West.

A Pelican Shows Us What It's Like To Fly

What happens when a young pelican needs help from humans? Say he gets lost and needs some pointers on learning how to fly. That was the case recently in Tanzania.

To Save Endangered Tortoises, Conservationists Deface Their Shells

The ploughshare tortoise's ornate golden shell makes it a popular black market pet. In California, the Turtle Conservancy is trying to give the threatened species a second chance.

Koala Escapes From Zoo, Naps And Then Gets Hungry

Mundu went missing from his exhibit at the San Diego Zoo on Tuesday. He escaped his enclosure and fell asleep — spending the day in a tree nearby. Zookeepers lured him back with eucalyptus.

Team USA Hockey Player Adopts 2 Stray Dogs From Sochi

The stray animal population in the Russian resort town received a lot of international attention during the games. David Backes hopes his "Olympic souvenirs" will raise awareness.
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Pit Bulls One Step Closer To Losing 'Inherently Dangerous' Status In Maryland

Pit bull owners and the landlords who rent to them have been faced stricter liability concerns since a Maryland court ruling found them "inherently dangerous."