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For This Tarantula-Killing Wasp, Dinner's A Meal Best Served Living

All the recent rain in Texas is great for insects — including the terrifying tarantula hawk. It's a big, nasty wasp that doesn't just sting tarantulas ... it turns them into food for its offspring.

Classical Composers' Feathered Influences

Did Beethoven cop from a warbler? Did Mozart plagiarize a starling? NPR's Wade Goodwyn speaks with Talkin' Birds host Ray Brown about these musical mysteries.

Kathmandu Is Cowed By Abandoned Cattle

In the post-earthquake chaos, farmers are turning loose old cows and baby bulls. The city doesn't have the resources to deal with the wandering bovines.

Buzz Kill For Bumblebees: Climate Change Is Shrinking Their Range

Wild bees are some of nature's busiest pollinators of crops and flowers. But new evidence suggests a warming climate is squeezing the bounds of where bumblebees can live.
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Maryland's Ash Trees At The Mercy Of Invasive Asian Beetle

The Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive beetle native to China, has made its way to Maryland's Eastern Shore. The pest already has killed millions of ash trees across North America.


The Blog Ewe Didn't Know Ewe Needed: Google Sheep View

It's the year of the sheep, so it follows that a new blog would celebrate the woolly four-legged creatures. Readers submit sheep spottings from around the world, with the help of Google Street View.

After Sketchy Science, Shark Week Promises To Turn Over A New Fin

Shark Week is here, and scientists are afraid. Not of the toothy swimmers — but of inaccuracies, bad science and the demonization of animals that aren't as ferocious as Discovery Channel has made out.

Don't Blame The Sharks For 'Perfect Storm' Of Attacks In North Carolina

The state's beaches usually see one shark attack a summer, if any. This year, there have already been seven. But this uptick in attacks is likely not tied to shark populations so much as to our own.

Millions Of Mummified Dogs Found In Ancient Egyptian Catacombs

Researchers have uncovered 8 million mummified animals dating back 2,500 years. Most are dogs. Archaeologist Salima Ikram says the huge number points to the likely existence of ancient puppy mills.

On The Rebound, Panthers Prowl Expanding Swath Of Land In Florida

From a low of about 20, the population of Florida's state animal has grown to about 200 — enough, wildlife officials say, to warrant taking them off the endangered species list. Not everyone agrees.