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Scientists Probe Puppy Love

Research shows the mutual gazing between pooches and people spurs release of a "trust hormone" in both. The results suggest dogs really may love us back.

Chicago-Area Dog Flu Outbreak Rises To Over 1,000 Cases

Vets in Chicago have reported more than 1,000 cases of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease. Six dogs have died so far. NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Edward Dubovi of Cornell University's veterinary school about the dog flu outbreak.

'Rambo' The Octopus Shoots Photos Of Tourists At New Zealand Aquarium

At Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand, a female octopus has been trained to take photographs of visitors from inside her tank.

Mountain Lion That Hid Out Under LA Home Appears To Have Left

P-22, as the mountain lion is known, typically lives in Los Angeles' Griffith Park. Attempts to dislodge him from under a home Monday failed.

And The Fate Of The Hermaphrodite Goat Is...

The authorities in Gaza decided that the animal had to be slaughtered.

Better Than 'Survivor': Wild Drama Hooks Viewers On Nest Web Cams

Forget Big Brother and Real Housewives. Local governments and nonprofits are starting to capitalize on our unquenchable thirst for reality programming — in the form of bird nest cams.

Federal Government Protects Bat, Angers Industry

The northern long-eared bat has been designated as a threatened species, triggering new regulations to protect it. But oil and gas and agriculture organizations say those new rules will hurt them.

Clam Cancer Spreads Along Eastern Seaboard

Renegade cells floating through seawater apparently cause the cancer, scientists say. Though people can't catch it, the malignancy might offer clues to how cancer cells spread in the human body.

A Hermaphrodite Goat Could Be The Ultimate Scapegoat

It lives in Gaza. It has male private parts — and udders. People think its milk might have special powers. The government thinks it's a scam and wants to kill it. We'll find out its fate on Sunday.

Science Sticks Its Neck Out For Brontosaurus

A new study suggests that the long-defunct Brontosaurus should be back on the books. Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne explain.