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South Sudan: History Was Always Against Us

South Sudan is reeling after rebels reportedly massacred hundreds of civilians last week. Host Michel Martin learns what this means for the future of the young country.

No Longer Marching Out To Work, More Mothers Stay Home

A growing number of American mothers are staying home to raise their children, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. Listeners share their own stories about making that choice.
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Analysis: U.S. Capitol Renovations And The D.C. Council's Lawsuit Against Mayor Gray

Roll Call's David Hawkings joins Matt Bush to discuss the D.C. council's suit against Mayor Gray and the expensive process of rehabilitating the U.S. Capitol Dome.
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Analysis: Looking At The Gender Wage Gap At Non-Profits In D.C.

The wage gap between men and women is an issue that has risen to prominence in the last week, and National Journal's Shane Goldmacher explains how that gap extends to non-profits in the nation's capital as well.


Is Obamacare A Success? We Might Not Know For A While

Fans and foes want to know whether the Affordable Care Act is meeting its goals. But, for good reasons, there are no clear answers yet.

Ahead Of Midterm Elections, Obama Focuses On Voting Rights

President Obama's weekly address dealt with the question of women and equal pay. On Friday, he went to a forum organized by civil rights activist Al Sharpton where he talked about voting rights.
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Analysis: The Latest On Maryland's Beleaguered Health Exchange

Maryland was forced to scrap its health exchange website after it was beset with problems, and as National Journal's Sam Baker explains, the state is trying to catch up.

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Analysis: Executive Orders Give Equal Pay Push Momentum

President Barack Obama signed two executive orders promoting equal pay for federal contractors, which Senate lawmakers are utilizing to make their push for equal pay legislation.


Obama To Circumvent Congress Over Women's Pay

President Obama on Tuesday is expected to order contractors with the federal government to provide information that could be beneficial to female employees.
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Analysis: Maryland And Virginia Duke It Out Over FBI Headquarters

In the fight over who gets the FBI headquarters, who will triumph: Maryland or Virginia?