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Keynes' Consuming Ideas On Economic Intervention

For British economist Sir John Maynard Keynes, consumption — economic or otherwise — was what made the world go 'round. His ideas about how to nurture national economies, and when to intervene, are still being debated, 65 years after his death.

Obama Sends Signals To Debt Committee To Act

President Obama was in Hawaii over the weekend for a summit of Asian-Pacific leaders. Before he left, he made phone calls to the Democratic and Republican chairs of the supercommittee, which is dealing with debt-reduction in Congress.

Week In News: Obama's Health Law Constitutional

This week D.C. Court of Appeals agreed with the White House that the health care law does not violate the Constitution. The court's senior judge, a respected conservative voice, wrote the majority opinion. Weekends on All Things Considered guest host Jacki Lyden speaks with James Fallows of The Atlantic about this story and others from the past week.

Penn State Abuse Scandal: A Guide And Timeline

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky's attorneys have rested their case in his trial on accusations of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period. Here, a guide to key players and events in the scandal that has rocked the community of State College, Pa.

Herman Cain Tries To Get Back On Message

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is trying to get back on point after sexual harassment allegations against him surfaced in the media. The allegations haven't seem to hurt Cain, polls show he's still running about even with Mitt Romney.

Week In News: A Difficult Moment For Herman Cain

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain continues to face sexual harassment charges, but the conservative base of the party seems to remain loyal. Weekends on All Things Considered guest host Laura Sullivan speaks with James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic, about Cain's appeal in spite of scandal.