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Diplomat's Arrest Causes US-India Strain

Since the recent arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, US-Indian relations have been strained. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Deepa Iyer, Executive Director of South Asian-Americans Leading Together and Sandip Roy, Culture Editor for the Indian news site

Healthcare Rollout Mixed On Deadline Day

Another deadline for the Affordable Care Act has been pushed back. Guest Host Celeste Headlee speaks to Kaiser Health News reporter Mary Agnes Carey and Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff and what the decision means and how the healthcare rollout is going across the country.

Washington Holidays Begin With An Air of Bipartisanship

President Obama and his family are vacationing in Hawaii and Congress is in recess until early next year. As members left town, it was in a less contentious mood than in the last several years. But next year brings challenges that are likely to test whatever good will is now in the air.

The Truth Behind The Lies Of The Original 'Welfare Queen'

The story of the woman famously referred to as a "welfare queen" in Ronald Reagan's 1976 campaign is far more bizarre and unsettling than the stereotype she became the emblem for, as a stellar long read from Slate reveals.

It's Called 'Africa.' Of Course It's About Race, Right?

Defining when something is or isn't about race can be tricky. So people tend to go by a simple rule of thumb: Does it involve people who aren't white? If so, it's about race. Eric Deggans explains why this is a problem.

Politics In The News: Immigration Overhaul, Budget Deal

A comprehensive immigration overhaul was passed by the Senate, but remains stalled in the House — waiting for a vote.

African-American Gun Club Hopes To Help Curb Youth Violence

More than 200 people have been killed this year in Baltimore — most of them blacks. One Maryland gun group says it's in a unique position to help steer the city's black youth away from the path of gun violence by focusing on discipline, training and black history.

Praise For Mandela Crosses Borders, Partisan Lines

When Nelson Mandela was in prison, the fight over imposing sanctions on South Africa was politically divisive. But it also produced a kind of unity in the end.
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Analysis: Congress Misses Deadline For Budget Deal

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has missed a key deadline for a budget deal, and as The Hill's Alex Bolton explains, that may have repercussions for budget talks.


Why Chaucer Said 'Ax' Instead Of 'Ask,' And Why Some Still Do

People often question why some pronounce the word "ask" as "ax." We axed several linguists, and it turns out that "ax" has long been an accepted form of the word, used by English speakers for more than a thousand years.