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Amid Nuclear Talks, Iran Pushes Diplomacy Online

Iran's leaders are active on Facebook and Twitter, and frequently reach out in English via social media. Both services remain officially banned in Iran. But journalist Robin Wright, an expert on Iran, calls their online overtures "the most ambitious public diplomacy campaign since Iran's 1979 revolution."

Letters From Parents To Their Kids That'll Make You Smile (Or Cry)

Tough parents and tough kids often struggle to express love without, well, saying it aloud. Here are two stories about trying to break emotional barriers.

Code Switch Roundup: Mascots, Nurses And Yellow Dogs

We share some stories on our radar: A Chicago restaurateur administers a knockout-inducing kick to the face to stop a thief; a California school chants A-R-A-B-S to honor its mascot; an Iranian band meets tragedy in New York City; hospitals must deal with patient requests that might be discriminatory.

JFK's Lasting Economic Legacy: Lower Tax Rates

President Kennedy presided over a nearly miraculous economic turnaround. At the time of his death in November 1963, corporate profits were hitting record highs and stock prices were soaring. Kennedy also did something that conservatives have been praising ever since: He pushed for much lower tax rates.

How Can A White Supremacist Be 14 Percent Sub-Saharan African?

Craig Paul Cobb, who's trying to create a white-power haven in North Dakota, found out on a talk show that he may not be as white as he thought. As analyses of our genetic pasts become cheaper, more accurate and easier to obtain, surprises like this are likely to be more and more common.

A Windfall For A New Jersey Man And The Dominican Republic

Pedro Quezada sent $57 million of his $338 million lottery winnings to the Dominican Republic. It's a high-profile example of an everyday phenomenon where immigrants to the U.S. send billions back to their home country.

Since Post-Vietnam Era, Fewer Veterans In Congress

The camaraderie that veterans talk about used to be true in Congress too — partly because many members had served in the military. But today's Congress has very few veterans in its ranks, about 20 percent, compared with more than three-quarters in the post-Vietnam era. What does that number mean politically.

Detroit Mayor 'Asked To Save City While Holding Kryptonite'

Election results in Virginia, New York, Detroit, and New Jersey are getting national attention. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR Senior Washington Editor Ron Elving, and Jerome Vaughn of Detroit's NPR member station WDET, to talk about Tuesday's winners and losers.

Democrats, Republicans Split Election Wins In Virginia, N.J.

In Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the state's gubernatorial race. In New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie was re-elected.

Politics: Mixed Messages Regarding Iran, U.S. Elections

As Iran is set to hold nuclear talks with world powers, the Obama administration is working to convince senators to hold off on additional sanctions. And on Tuesday, voters across the country will go to the polls to elect mayors, governors and other officials.