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Logic Behind Obama News Conference Hard To Fathom

What stood out were the moments he seemed at a loss with the frustrations of dealing with Congress. But no matter how frustrating a president finds this dilemma, it does not advance his cause to wear his frustration in public. Yes, he must acknowledge the difficulties he faces, but he also needs to transcend them.

Leading Senate Democrat Has Concerns With U.S. Drones

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin discusses his concerns about the continued use of drones by the U.S. military with Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin.

Lawmakers Weigh In On Boston Bombing Case

Members of Congress are already expressing how they think the suspect in the marathon bombing case should be questioned and tried. Some lawmakers are also using the attack in Boston to argue both for and against overhauling immigration and gun control.

Lawmakers In Washington, D.C. Busy With Multiple Issues

Guns and immigration are both expected to top the agenda on Capitol Hill this week. And some people are sensing an outbreak of bipartisanship on both matters.

Obama To Send Detailed Budget To Capitol Hill

For years, Republicans have complained that the president has never sent a detailed blueprint. This time, the president's team says the spending plan will be very detailed.

How Close Is Doomsday?

Are you one of the last humans who will ever live? Commentator Adam Frank takes us through the famous Doomsday Argument and what it means.