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Analysis: Who Is Pushing Climate Change On The Hill And Who Isn't

Sens. Ben Cardin of Maryland and Tim Kaine of Virginia are conducting an all-nighter on the Capitol tonight to put climate change on the national agenda, but other lawmakers are holding off. Roll Call's David Hawkings discusses why.

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Analysis: Rep. Issa Apologizes For Brash Behavior

Rep. Darrell Issa shut off the mic for Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) during a committee hearing this week. Roll Call's David Hawkings speculates what this could mean for the dynamic between the two.

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Analysis: Federal Employees Coping With Winter Via Telework

An especially snow-heavy winter has closed the federal government four times this year, and Government Executive's Tom Shoop explains why it hasn't hurt productivity.


Where Did All The Female Rappers Go?

2014. This, we're told, is the year female rappers will break their way back into the mainstream, ending the long period of silence for women in the industry.

Russia's Move On Crimea Is A Pivotal Moment For White House

President Obama spoke to the leaders of Britain, Germany and Poland on Sunday, and together they expressed "grave concern" over Russia's move to assert control over the Crimea region of Ukraine.
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Analysis: McAuliffe Joins Republicans In Calling For Offshore Drilling

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is the only Democrat in a group of governors from Mid-Atlantic and Gulf states to support more oil and gas drilling off the Atlantic coast — Alex Bolton of the The Hill breaks down the why and how.


Are Americans Tired Of 'Arrogant British' TV Personalities?

Piers Morgan announced that CNN will be canceling his show, just weeks after Fox TV said it would be parting ways with British star and American Idol alum Simon Cowell.

Iconoclastic Musician Takes Measure Of His Life: 'I Became A Fighter'

Fred Ho has combined improvisation with Asian themes to create his own form of political activism. Now, at age 56, Ho is dying of cancer.

Voting Rights: Time To Think Differently For Those Who've Done Time?

Attorney General Eric Holder wants states to restore voting rights to felons after they complete their sentences. Legal analysts Spencer Overton and Hans von Spakovsky look at the debate.

What We Learned From Our Month-Long Exploration Of #XCultureLove

We dive into four themes we saw during our month-long exploration of how race plays out in the dating world.