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Bin Laden Fathered 4 Children, Hid In 5 Safe Houses While On Run, Wife Says

His youngest wife has given investigators the most detailed account yet of where the al-Qaida leader was in the years between the 2001 terrorist attacks and his death in May 2011, The New York Times reports.

Suicide Vests Found Inside Afghan Defense Ministry, Soldiers Arrested

There are fresh fears about the infiltration of Afghan security forces by anti-government and anti-American insurgents.

It's 'Unbelievable To Me,' Says Wife Of Army Sgt. Accused In Afghan Killings

Her husband "loves children, he's like a big kid himself," Karilyn Bales tells NBC News of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. He faces 17 counts of murder for attacks carried out on March 11 in Southern Afghanistan. One victim was an unborn child, officials say.

Home Front: 'Citizen Soldiers' Start A Transition

Members of the National Guard's 182nd Infantry Regiment recently touched down in Indiana after a long trip and a long year in Afghanistan. Over the next year, Weekend Edition will follow these men through their shift from soldiers to civilians.

Line Of Defense: Arguments In Afghan Attack Case

Murder charges have been filed against Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians. Now, an investigative officer will decide whether there's enough evidence to go forward with a court martial, leaving a number of legal challenges ahead for the prosecution and for the defense.

How Would A President Romney Handle Afghanistan?

A U.S. Army staff sergeant's alleged massacre of Afghan civilians has raised calls for the U.S. to leave Afghanistan before the end-of-2014 timetable set by President Obama. Even some Republican presidential candidates are saying it is time to end the war. But not Mitt Romney.

Sgt. Bales Charged With 17 Counts Of Murder; Could Get Death Penalty

The 38-year-old soldier allegedly killed 17 Afghan men, women and children in cold blood on March 11. He also faces six counts each of assault and attempted murder.

Not Clear Yet Why Death Toll In Afghan Killings Has Risen To 17

After saying for nearly two weeks that 16 civilians had been killed, officials are now telling reporters there were 17 fatalities. We may learn more later today when Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is expected to be charged with murder.


Video Of Copter Crash In Afghanistan Goes Viral; Army Investigating

Officials say no one was seriously injured during the dramatic crash. The copter was caught on camera swooping low over a snowy base, taking some twists and turns, bouncing off the ground and then crashing in the distance.