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Crocker On Afghanistan's 'Extraordinary Achievement'

Renee Montagne speaks with U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker as he prepares to step down from his posting.

Disarming Afghan IEDs: Big Job, Too Few Trained

Improvised explosive devices remain one of the biggest killers in Afghanistan. As NATO forces prepare to withdraw from the country, Afghans are learning the special skills they'll need to find and disarm these deadly weapons. Instructors say there's a long way to go before they have enough professionals trained.

Reporter's Notebook: In Afghanistan, Facts Are Difficult To Pin Down

Officials may say something one day, only to change their stories the next. NPR's Sean Carberry runs through how details about a police officer's defection to the Taliban varied in less than 24 hours.

Taliban's 'Summer Offensive' Heats Up In Afghanistan

When the temperature rises in Afghanistan, so does the insurgency. Every summer the Taliban's tactics, targets and intensity are a little different. This year, IEDs are in season, attacks are up, and Afghan forces are suffering more casualties.

Old Mines Bring New Casualties In Afghanistan

Hundreds of Afghans, mostly children, are killed or injured each year from old mines and unexploded ammunition in unmarked areas. Many Afghans aren't aware of the danger until they're victims.