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'Manhunt' Author Reviews Navy SEAL's 'No Easy Day'

Matt Bissonnette wrote No Easy Day under the pseudonym Mark Owen. He has drawn criticism for publishing details of the Osama bin Laden mission without Pentagon approval. Peter Bergen, author of Manhunt, says this account of the raid fits almost exactly with his understanding of the operation.

For Afghan Leaders, Facing Death Is A Fact Of Life

Targeted killings of Afghan leaders are up by 53 percent compared to last year. Such attacks are the efforts of a desperate Taliban, Afghan officials say, but they acknowledge that they hamper their ability to govern and provide services.

Afghan Women Fear Backsliding On Key Gains

Women in Afghanistan are, in general, better off today than when the Taliban ruled. But activists say there has been backsliding on the gains of the past decade. And as the international community plans its drawdown, activists worry that the government won't do its part to protect women.

New U.S. Ambassador To Afghanistan Faces Tough Job

Host Scott Simon speaks with James Cunningham, who was sworn in as the new U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan earlier this month.

U.S. Faces Growing 'Insider Attacks' In Afghanistan

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan cites multiple reasons for the increase in attacks by men in Afghan uniforms. Taliban infiltrators, friction between NATO and Afghan troops, and even Ramadan are all seen as factors.

Ambassador To Afghanistan: 'Vast Majority' Of Afghans Support Coalition

Most Afghans realize that the presence of U.S. and coalition forces has "literally reshaped their country after decades of war and conflict," says Ambassador James Cunningham. Also: A top general says stress of fasting during Ramadan may be factor in "green on blue" attacks.