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Blast Rocks Kabul; Dozens Wounded, Attackers Killed

The Taliban is claiming responsibility. A group of men tried to attack a government security office. They were wearing bombs strapped to their bodes and came in vehicles carrying more explosives, authorities say.

What's At Stake In Hotspots Across The Globe

In Mali, the French continue air strikes to stop the advance of armed Islamist rebels in the north. In Syria, the death toll continues to rise, and in Afghanistan, questions remain about the ongoing transition of power. In all three regions, opportunities for current or future U.S. involvement is uncertain.

As U.S. Starts Afghanistan Drawdown, Long-Term Concerns Linger

President Obama met with visiting Afghan President Hamid Karzai this week in Washington, D.C. Their discussions focused on what role the U.S. will play in Afghanistan after 2014, when most American and NATO troops are scheduled to leave the country.

Obama: U.S. Forces Will Transition To Support Role In Afghanistan

Afghan President Hamid Karzai and President Obama discussed future U.S.-Afghanistan relations and the withdrawal of U.S. forces on Friday.

Obama: U.S. Forces In Afghanistan Will Transition To 'Support' This Spring

The White House and Pentagon are weighing how many troops will need to stay after 2014. Today, the two leaders are meeting at the White House and taking questions at a joint news conference. President Obama said Afghan soldiers "are stepping up" and U.S. forces can now step back.

Small Strike Against Corruption: Afghan Governors Chosen On Merit

In Afghanistan, governors are not elected, they are selected — and more often than not due to family or political connections. But in an attempt to curb graft, the country has just sworn in a batch of governors — including the first female district governor — selected through a new merit-based program.