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An Unexpected Festival Paints A Different Version Of Kabul

In a land where music was once banned, the Sound Central alternative arts and music festival is in its third year of showcasing the growing cultural scene in Afghanistan. Several thousand Afghans are attending this year's festival featuring live music, poetry, short films, painting and skateboarding.

Reports: American Refueling Plane Crashes In Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan's emergencies ministry says the plane went down about 100 miles west of the U.S.-operated Transit Center at Manas. That base supports U.S. military operations in nearby Afghanistan.

Secret Cash To Afghan Leader: Corruption Or Just Foreign Aid?

Afghans are expressing mixed feelings on CIA cash payments to President Hamid Karzai. Many say the practice is wrong and symbolizes the widespread corruption in the country, while some see it as just another form of foreign assistance.

Video May Show 747 Jet's Last Seconds Before Bagram Crash

The final seconds of a 747 civilian cargo jet's disastrous takeoff from an airfield in Afghanistan Monday — resulting in a crash that killed all seven aboard — were apparently captured by a dashboard camera. In the video, the aircraft is seen in a steep climb, until it fails to gain altitude and plummets into the earth.

Cargo Plane Crash In Afghanistan Kills 7

Officials are still trying to determine the reason for the crash north of Kabul, but they say there's no indication of hostile fire. There's no word yet on the nationalities of the dead.

For Afghan Policewomen, Danger Often Comes From Colleagues

Afghan policewomen face a high risk of sexual assault, and often it takes place in police bathrooms and changing rooms, a human rights group says.