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Afghanistan's Next President Will Be ...

Three candidates have emerged from the pack as the country prepares to vote on Saturday. With President Hamid Karzai stepping down, Afghanistan appears poised for its first-ever democratic transition.

'Wrong Enemy': Pakistan Plays A Double Game In Afghanistan

Morning Edition's Renee Montagne, who's reporting from Afghanistan, talks to New York Times reporter Carlotta Gall about her new book, The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan: 2001-2014.

Report: British Army Sniper's Single Shot Kills 6 Taliban

The marksman's commanding officer says the bullet hit a suspected militant who was wearing a vest rigged with explosives. The subsequent blast killed a group of men in Afghanistan.

In A Former Afghan Hot Spot, The Taliban Are Subdued For Now

The Taliban have threatened to disrupt Afghanistan's presidential election this Saturday. But in some areas where the group once wreaked havoc, the Afghan security forces are now in control.

Taliban Warn Afghan Voters Not To Go To The Polls Saturday

While the candidates hold huge rallies, the Taliban have been staging suicide attacks. They've targeted election offices and civilian compounds in Kabul in an effort to derail Saturday's election.

With No Karzai On Ballot, Afghans Study Presidential Candidates

Voters in Afghanistan will elect a new president this weekend. For the first time since America went to war there, President Hamid Karzai will not be on the ballot.

Devastating Attack Still Leaves Afghan Journalist's Hope Alive

As a journalist in Kabul, Bilal Sarwary often covers horrifying attacks that leave civilians dead. There was another attack last week, but this one was different — and it shook him to the core.

Taliban Attack On Election HQ Makes Good On Campaign Promise

It's the latest violence leading up to the April 5 vote. The Taliban is warning citizens that heading to the polls could be deadly.

Never Truly Over: Discussing Deployment A Challenge Of Its Own

Fighting in Afghanistan was extremely difficult, but now that Army Capt. Drew Pham is back in the U.S., he says he doesn't even know how to talk to people. It's his wife, he says, who keeps him going.

Afghanistan Getting New Leader, But Don't Expect Karzai To Disappear

Afghanistan could pick a leader to replace Hamid Karzai next week, but Taliban members are ramping up attacks. Al Jazeera's Abderrahim Foukara talks about the elections and the future of Afghanistan.