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Afghan Parliament Still Stymied By Election Dispute

It's been a year since Afghanistan elected a parliament. But a dispute between President Hamid Karzai and lawmakers has kept the Parliament from passing any significant laws.

U.S. Now Relies On Alternate Afghan Supply Routes

The Pentagon began the Northern Distribution Network at the end of 2008, bypassing Pakistan to supply military operations in Afghanistan. Those routes have become even more critical as U.S.-Pakistan relations have deteriorated.

A Long, Turbulent Journey For Afghan Female Pilot

Latifa Nabizada began her air force career more than two decades ago, when the Soviet Union was still occupying Afghanistan. She is the only female pilot in the country's history, and has a dedicated, if unusual, flying companion.

For A Marine Hero, A Medal Of Honor

Cpl. Dakota Meyer disobeyed orders and charged into a Taliban ambush to save American and Afghan troops. President Obama is giving him the Medal of Honor on Thursday, the first time a living Marine has received it since the Vietnam war.

As Wars Drag On, U.S. Interest Wanes

There was huge public support for the U.S. war in Afghanistan when it began a decade ago. Today, only a quarter of Americans follow it closely.

Inside Kabul Siege Site: Attackers' Bodies, Walls Riddled With Bullet Holes

"This was clearly the site of a huge fight," NPR's Renee Montagne reported from the scene. And the under-construction building offered a clear line of sight to the U.S. embassy. No Americans were injured during the attack.

20-Hour Insurgent Attack Ends In Afghan Capital

In Afghanistan, a bloody 20-hour insurgent attack on the capital Kabul ended Wednesday morning. All the assailants are dead. The attackers took control of a building that had a clear line of fire to the U.S Embassy and NATO headquarters in the heart of the city.