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The Future Of Women's Rights In Afghanistan

More than 80 countries are convening in Germany on Monday to discuss Afghanistan as international troops prepare to withdraw in 2014. Fariba Nawa has documented the devastating effects of the opium trade on Afghanistan — her home country. She speaks with host Michel Martin about the conference and her hopes and fears for Afghanistan's future.

Diplomats Meet In Germany On Afghanistan's Future

A big international conference is being held in Bonn, Germany, on Monday to help draw up a roadmap for Afghanistan after combat operations there cease at the end of 2014. But Pakistan — a critical player in the Afghanistan conundrum — has said it's boycotting the conference after NATO troops killed 24 Pakistani soldiers during an attack in late November.

For Afghan Women, Rape Law Offers Little Protection

A recent U.N. report suggests that laws to protect women in Afghanistan from rape and forced marriage are still not being enforced. As NATO prepares to leave, concerns grow that women's rights will be further compromised.

U.S. Troops Monitor Volatile Afghan Border

The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is at the center of controversy. Last week, NATO forces on the Afghan side fired across at what they thought were insurgents, and killed two dozen Pakistani soldiers. Officials are investigating.