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US To Step Aside On Afghan Night Raids

U.S. and Afghan officials have worked out the details over controversial night raids against suspected Taliban fighters. Now, Afghan Special Forces will take over the raids, and the U.S. will offer support. The night raids were a source of great anger among Afghan people, who hated the Americans bursting into their compounds. The raids were the last stumbling block to a long-term strategic partnership that is expected to be announced at a NATO summit in Chicago in May. Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman tells the latest to Audie Cornish.

Dismissed: Military Families Reunite, Face The Future

After a year in Afghanistan, members of the 182nd Infantry Regiment are returning to their homes in the Northeast. As families and soldiers prepare to reunite, both sides are anxious about what lies ahead.

Dreams Of A Mining Future On Hold In Afghanistan

Pie in the sky reports about vast mineral deposits of copper, iron, uranium and lithium are believed by many in Afghanistan to be the key to the country's future. But a Chinese copper mine east of Kabul is the only one optioned by an international company so far, and it's on hold.

Watching Your Child Go Off To War

With pride and sadness, writer David Freed watched his son Robert go off to the war in Afghanistan. In a piece in the Los Angeles Times, Freed suggests that politicians who vote or make orders to deploy service members don't understand the full extent of what it means to have a loved one serve.

Bin Laden's Wives, Daughters Sentenced To 45 Days Detention, Deportation

The three women and two of bin Laden's older daughters were convicted of living illegally in Pakistan. Two of the wives are thought to be from Saudi Arabia, one from Yemen. They've all been fined about $114 each as well.

A Rest Stop On The Road From Soldier To Civilian

More than a plane ride separates soldiers from returning home. Before they can go back to their families, the 182nd Infantry Regiment will spend several days "demobilizing" at Camp Atterbury. The process eases the transition back to the civilian world — and spots trouble before it ruins lives.

Bin Laden Fathered 4 Children, Hid In 5 Safe Houses While On Run, Wife Says

His youngest wife has given investigators the most detailed account yet of where the al-Qaida leader was in the years between the 2001 terrorist attacks and his death in May 2011, The New York Times reports.

Suicide Vests Found Inside Afghan Defense Ministry, Soldiers Arrested

There are fresh fears about the infiltration of Afghan security forces by anti-government and anti-American insurgents.

It's 'Unbelievable To Me,' Says Wife Of Army Sgt. Accused In Afghan Killings

Her husband "loves children, he's like a big kid himself," Karilyn Bales tells NBC News of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. He faces 17 counts of murder for attacks carried out on March 11 in Southern Afghanistan. One victim was an unborn child, officials say.