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Clinton Reaffirms U.S. Commitment To Afghanistan

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Afghanistan to encourage the country's leadership to keep up reconciliation efforts with the Taliban. In a meeting with President Hamid Karzai on Thursday, she stressed the U.S. will stay committed to the country long after U.S. troops are drawn down.

Afghans Allegedly Forced Onto Mined Roads

Villagers near the Afghan city of Kandahar say Afghan troops, and their U.S. mentors, forced civilians to march ahead of soldiers on roads where landmines were suspected. No one was hurt, but the incident raises questions about how civilians are being caught between the warring parties.

To 'Hell And Back,' With A Marine And His Wife

Sgt. Nathan Harris was part of the unit where photographer-filmmaker Danfung Dennis was embedded in Afghanistan. After Harris was wounded in a firefight, Dennis realized the story of his recovery was inextricable from the story of his war.

After The Surge, The Fight For Kandahar Goes On

Last year's U.S. troops surge in southern Afghanistan was aimed at ousting the Taliban from much of its home turf. So what does Kandahar province look like today? NPR's Quil Lawrence spent a week in the region and shares his impressions with host Audie Cornish.

U.S. Base Assaulted In Eastern Afghanistan

Militants tried to blast their way into an American base on Saturday, striking before dawn with rocket-propelled grenades and a vehicle packed with explosives. The attackers failed to breach the gate of the base in Panjshir province's Rakha district, said a provincial police chief.

Report: Afghan-Detention Centers Tortured Suspects

The 74-page report by the United Nationss concludes that suspected Taliban fighters have been subjected to beatings, electric shocks and other forms of torture in some Afghan-run detention centers.