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Sgt. Bales Charged With 17 Counts Of Murder; Could Get Death Penalty

The 38-year-old soldier allegedly killed 17 Afghan men, women and children in cold blood on March 11. He also faces six counts each of assault and attempted murder.

Not Clear Yet Why Death Toll In Afghan Killings Has Risen To 17

After saying for nearly two weeks that 16 civilians had been killed, officials are now telling reporters there were 17 fatalities. We may learn more later today when Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is expected to be charged with murder.


Video Of Copter Crash In Afghanistan Goes Viral; Army Investigating

Officials say no one was seriously injured during the dramatic crash. The copter was caught on camera swooping low over a snowy base, taking some twists and turns, bouncing off the ground and then crashing in the distance.

Accused Sergeant Heads Down A Long Legal Road

Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales faces a military justice system that works differently from civilian criminal law in the U.S. or in Afghanistan. It's a case that's expected to be lengthy and complicated.

Afghanistan Commander Says U.S. Mission 'On Track'

The top military commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, testified on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. It's his first public appearance before Congress since the killings of 16 Afghan civilians, apparently by a U.S. soldier. That incident and others, have caused new tensions between the U.S. and Afghanistan's government, and prompted some to reappraise America's strategy for the war. Nevertheless, Allen insisted that the strategy remains on course.

'Justice Will Be Done,' Pentagon Official Says Of Afghan Massacre

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are hearing about the ripple effects on the mission in Afghanistan from the murders of 16 civilians, allegedly by a U.S. Army staff sergeant.

'All My Dreams Are Buried Under A Pile Of Dust Now,' Says Grieving Afghan

Muhammad Wazir says 11 of his family members, including his wife and six children, died in the massacre of 16 civilians that's been blamed on a U.S. Army soldier.