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With The U.S. In The Background, Afghan Commandos Step It Up

With fighting expected to pick up this spring, Afghanistan's security is heavily dependent on elite forces like the commandos. NPR's Tom Bowman profiles the top enlisted man.

In Kabul, An Uneasy Springtime Equilibrium

At the start of Afghanistan's "fighting season," officially declared by the Taliban on Friday, NPR producer Rebecca Hersher meets a group of boys who just want to fly their kites.

Afghan Political Cartoonist Argues His Drawings Should Be More Critical

Habib Rahman Habib has a very dangerous job in Afghanistan. He is a political cartoonist who has kept drawing through the communists, mullahs, Taliban and into the present government.

Celebrated Afghan Writer Recalls Kabul Of Decades Ago

Renee Montagne talks to journalist Mujib Mashal about his story in The New York Times on Rahnaward Zaryab, a celebrated Afghan novelist, who's work flowered when Afghanistan was peaceful.

Suicide Blast Kills More Than 30 In Afghanistan

An attack in Jalalabad killed more than 30 people Saturday. President Ashraf Ghani says ISIS may have claimed responsibility. If confirmed, it would be the group's first major attack in Afghanistan.

Kabul Appears To Be More Tense Since U.S. Troop Drawdown

In Afghanistan, U.S. forces are a tenth of what they were at the height of the war. In addition, their lead combat role has given way to a training mission. How are Afghan security forces faring?

U.S. Service Member Killed In Shooting In Afghan City Of Jalalabad

Two other American troops were wounded when a man in an Afghan army uniform opened fire, a Pentagon official said. The shooter was shot and killed.

U.N. Report: 25,000 Foreign Fighters Joining Islamist Militant Groups

Thousands have left their homes en route to Iraq and Syria, which the U.N. report calls an "international finishing school" for extremists.

Non-Profit Helps Young Afghan Women Reach Country's Tallest Peak

An American NGO called "Ascend" is training Afghan girls to scale their country's highest peak this year. The young Afghan women are a mix of haves and have-nots.

The Ascent Of Afghan Women

Afghanistan is a mountainous land where mountain climbing is rare among men and virtually nonexistent among women. An American is now preparing young Afghan women to scale the country's highest peak.