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People Wonder: 'If They Gunned Me Down,' What Photo Would Media Use?

A killing in suburban St. Louis leads people to tweet "dueling" photos of themselves – one where the subject looks wholesome, and another where the same person might seem like a troublemaker.
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Community Food: Tradition and Change at the Communal Table

From church basements to food festivals, community food sharing is a tradition that carries meaning far beyond fold-out tables. As neighborhood demographics change, dishes with more ethnic appeal have appeared alongside the ubiquitous...


New Leader Of Iraq Is Nominated, But Maliki Insists He'll Stay In Office

"Vice President Joe Biden called Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi to congratulate him on his nomination," the White House says.

St. Louis-Area Rally For Teen Killed By Police Turns Violent

Police and witnesses agree the teen did not have a gun and that a third person was also involved; beyond that, the details of Michael Brown's death are in dispute.

Israel, Hamas Agree To More Talks As Truce Appears To Hold

But the two sides appeared no closer to a settlement to end the fighting in the Gaza Strip that has left nearly 2,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 67 Israelis, mostly soldiers, dead.

Kurdish Forces Reclaim 2 Iraqi Cities Taken By Sunni Extremists

For the latest news out of Iraq, Steve Inskeep talks to Washington Post reporter Loveday Morris and Wladimir van Wilgenburg, a correspondent for the news website Al-Monitor.

At 73, Man Finally Gets Diploma Denied For Defying Segregation

An Illinois high school banned Alva Earley from graduating in 1959 after he attended a picnic in a park off-limits to blacks. This weekend, the school district corrected that injustice.

Looking To Learn English, South Korean Man Follows KC Royals For Decades

Sung Woo Lee started following the Kansas City Royals back in the '90s. Now, a group of Kansas Citians have helped him arrange a visit to watch a Royals game in person for the first time ever — and on Monday, he'll throw out the first pitch. NPR's Arun Rath talks with Sung Woo and Kansas City native Chris Kamler.

Private Prisons House More Latinos Than Do Public Ones, Study Finds

An analysis of federal data by a University of Oregon sociologist echoes earlier research suggesting that white inmates are underrepresented at private prisons relative to public facilities.

Israel Accepts New 72-Hour Cease-Fire In Gaza

Israeli officials say they have agreed to the new cease-fire deal reached in Cairo with representatives of Hamas.