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Islamic State Rule: Municipal Services And Public Beheadings

The militants are running the Syrian city of Raqqa with relative efficiency, residents say. But many object to the ultra-strict rules, the segregation of men and women, and the public executions.

Gaza Home For Disabled Adults Wants Israeli Airstrike Probed

Israel has announced criminal investigations into 5 incidents during the Gaza war this summer. A home for disabled adults that was targeted is still on the list of possible investigations.

Turkey, Iran Wary Of U.S. Terms For Fight Against Islamic State

Both Turkey and Iran have much at stake as the Sunni militants battle for territory close to their respective borders. But each country has its own reasons to be distrustful.

Far From The Battlefield, U.S. Troops Will Assist Iraqi Forces

President Obama will send 475 additional troops to Iraq to train, assist and advise Iraqi forces on the fight against militants in the Islamic State. But they will not be involved in combat.

Yahoo Threatened With Huge Fines If It Didn't Release User Data

On Thursday, a court unsealed some 15,000 pages of documents in which Yahoo and the government battled it out. The government threatened Yahoo with fines of $250,000 a day for not complying.

20 Years Later, Parts Of Major Crime Bill Viewed As Terrible Mistake

In 1994, Congress passed the most significant crime-fighting legislation in a generation. Now, policymakers are dialing back Clinton's tough-on-crime policies.

ISIS, ISIL Or Islamic State: What's In A Name?

The disparities in naming are partly because of translation difficulties, and partly a sign of a propaganda war. The group calls itself the Islamic State; the Obama administration goes with ISIL.

Yemen May Not Offer Best Model For Obama's ISIS Plan

Gregory Johnsen, author of The Last Refuge: Yemen, al-Qaeda and America's War in Arabia, tells Robert Siegel that President Obama chose a flawed model when he compared the effort to defeat ISIS to U.S. attacks against suspected terrorists in Yemen.

Obama's Plan: The Pros And Cons

The president has opted for an open-ended air campaign to fight the Islamic State. A look at what it will take to make the plan work and the risks that could cause it to fail.
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Maryland Casinos Raise Money, Questions

With the August opening of the Baltimore Horseshoe Casino and plans to open an MGM resort in 2016, Maryland is doubling down on legalized gambling. Amid promises of new revenue and concerns over saturation, Kojo explores Maryland's new industry.