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Appeals Court Blocks Stop-And-Frisk Changes In New York

Tell Me More host Michel Martin and editor Ammad Omar update law and order stories from New York, Alabama, and Georgia, and they share some listener love for poet Nikki Giovanni.

Can We Compare Allen Iverson To Muhammad Ali?

The Boston Red Sox win the World Series and basketball bad boy Allen Iverson officially retires. The Barbershop guys weigh in on sports news and the other big stories of the week.
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D.C. Taxi Modernization Frustrates Drivers

Kojo explores the frustrations of cabbies who say they're losing income because problems with city-approved contractors are keeping them from meeting modernization deadlines.


Iranian Hard-Liners Plan 'Grand Day Of Death To America'

Some hard-liners in Iran are planning a "Grand Day of Death to America" on Monday — the anniversary of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in 1979. Revolutionary Guards commanders promise the slogan will "echo across the nation."

Obama To Meet With Iraqi Leader On Military Aid

President Obama meets at the White House on Friday with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Maliki is planning to ask for more military aid to deal with the growing insurgency in Iraq.

Barneys Lawsuit Puts Spotlight On Race And Branding

Steve Inskeep talks to freelance writer Johnnie Roberts and NPR's Gene Demby about the branding of high-end products — and the implications when companies specifically court, or exclude, consumers based on race.

Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Strike Russian Missiles In Syria

Officials in Tel Aviv have refused to comment on the reported attack at a Syrian airbase near the port city of Latakia.

Judge Halts Parts Of NYPD Stop And Frisk Policy

A federal appeals court has put on hold a judge's ruling curtailing some aspects of the New York City police department's "stop and frisk" policy. The court also ruled that Judge Shira Scheindlin should be removed from the case because she "ran afoul" of the judicial code of conduct.

What's So 'Chinese' About A Chinese Fire Drill?

For the uninitiated, a "Chinese fire drill" can be described as a form of vehicular musical chairs. Where did that name come from?

Federal Court To Weigh Ohio's Execution Drug Cocktail

Ohio could be the first state in the nation to use a combination of two drugs that have never been used before to put an inmate to death. This execution cocktail is the latest chapter in what's become a troubled history of capital punishment in the state.