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Detroit's Financial Crisis And Its National Implications

The city of Detroit and its $20 billion debt: What's ahead for residents, unions and investors. Plus, implications for other cash-strapped U.S. cities.


Monday's Bloodshed Hardens Political Divisions

Egypt's interim president, who was installed by a military coup last week, issued a plan calling for parliamentary elections next year and giving himself sweeping powers in the meantime. His move came hours after the deadliest clash yet between security forces and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

What Egyptian State TV Says About The State Of Egypt

Egypt's state-run television station has worked under four different leaders in less than three years. For the past year, it has been pro-Islamist and pro-President Mohammed Morsi — before his ouster. Then it abruptly began reporting the military's view once again.

Reversing Direction, Some Syrian Refugees Now Heading Home

Syrian refugees have been pouring into Jordan for the past two years. But over the past month, more Syrian refugees went back than came to Jordan. The rough conditions in the Jordanian camps and recent rebel advances are cited among those heading home.

A 'Mea Culpa'

Nina Totenberg discusses an error she made in a recent story about the Supreme Court term.

New Voting Laws: Forward-looking Or A Step Back?

Several state legislatures are moving to amend voting laws after a controversial Supreme Court decision limited enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. Host Michel Martin gets an overview of the future of voting rights across the states.

Gay Married Couples Explore New Benefits

Same-sex couples are still processing how the Supreme Court's recent rulings on gay marriage could change their lives and their relationship to the government: from health insurance, to retirement, to green cards. For more, host Michel Martin speaks with Susan Sommer of Lambda Legal.

Dozens Die In Clashes Outside Cairo's Republican Guard HQ

In Egypt, dozens of people were killed in a clash between protesters and security forces Monday morning. The Muslim Brotherhood says government forces fired on them. The military says the headquarters was stormed by protesters.

ElBaradei's PM Withdrawal Underlines Egyptian Uncertainty

An attempt to install Mohamed ElBaradei as interim prime minister was stalled after an Islamist group objected to the Nobel laureate. State media and other sources had confirmed the appointment on Saturday, but later in the day the president's spokesperson walked it back.

Sexual Assaults Reportedly Rampant During Egypt Protests

Human Rights Watch says mobs attacked, and in some cases raped, nearly 100 women in and around Tahrir Square during the massive protests this week, but authorities have done little about it.