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Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Strike Russian Missiles In Syria

Officials in Tel Aviv have refused to comment on the reported attack at a Syrian airbase near the port city of Latakia.

Judge Halts Parts Of NYPD Stop And Frisk Policy

A federal appeals court has put on hold a judge's ruling curtailing some aspects of the New York City police department's "stop and frisk" policy. The court also ruled that Judge Shira Scheindlin should be removed from the case because she "ran afoul" of the judicial code of conduct.

What's So 'Chinese' About A Chinese Fire Drill?

For the uninitiated, a "Chinese fire drill" can be described as a form of vehicular musical chairs. Where did that name come from?

Federal Court To Weigh Ohio's Execution Drug Cocktail

Ohio could be the first state in the nation to use a combination of two drugs that have never been used before to put an inmate to death. This execution cocktail is the latest chapter in what's become a troubled history of capital punishment in the state.
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Syrian Civil War Rooted In Drought Years Before Fighting Began

Robert Siegel talks to William R. Polk about how a drought in Syria several years ago forced farmers and families into the cities and contributed to the tensions that led to a government crackdown that led to the uprising. He's the author of Violent Politics: Insurgency and Terrorism, Understanding Iraq and Understanding Iran and has written a piece on Syria.

Disagreement On Syria Adds To Chill In U.S.-Saudi Relationship

Saudi Arabia, a long time U.S. ally, has been openly critical of U.S. policy in the Middle East and has sent unmistakable signals of its displeasure. The rift appears to be specifically over Syria, but the tensions have been building since the Arab Spring began.

Wrongful Death Verdict Reversed In Virginia Tech Case

Virginia Tech officials could not have foreseen that 32 people would die in a 2007 attack on campus, the Virginia Supreme Court said. The ruling overturns an award to two victims' families. Officials believed the gunman had fled and posed no further danger in the area, the justices said.

As Iraq's Leader Meets Obama, Here's Why The Stakes Are High

Violence is rising again in Iraq, with at least 5,000 people killed this year. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki wants U.S. military hardware to fight back. He's also seen as a key figure when it comes to developments in Iran and Syria.

Code Switch Roundup: Status Symbols, Sriracha And Soul Food

A blogger says that of course poor people want nice things, a town and a Thai food company duke it out, and a writer challenges some popular culinary histories of soul food.