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Wearable Cameras, Tailored To The Legal Details

Photography is ubiquitous now — especially with the advent of wearable cameras. But what does the law say about when you take someone's picture and when you can't? Attorney Kurt Wimmer explains.

Rosie Perez: 'I Refused The Limitations That Were Set Upon Me'

Before Rosie Perez was an actress or a Soul Train dancer, she survived an abusive childhood. Perez talks about that in her new memoir Handbook for an Unpredictable Life.
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Soul Food Redefined: Early African-American Cooks

Kojo explores what we've learned from early African-American cookbook authors and how their recipes are changing our perceptions of Southern cooking.


Four Decades Of Taxes And Spending, In 2 Graphs

After decades of heated debate, taxes and spending haven't changed much as a share of the overall economy. Here's a breakdown of where the money came from, and where it went.

Quick! What Are The Origins Of 'Chop-Chop'?

Citations dating back to 1886 hint that the phrase might come from a Cantonese word.

How Sinaloa Cartel Influences Chicago's Violence

Months before Joaquin Guzman was captured, Steve Inskeep talked to John Lippert of Bloomberg Markets magazine, about Guzman. (The conversation initially aired on Sept. 17, 2013 on Morning Edition.)

American Held In Israel For 1997 Murder Is Killed In Prison Shootout

Samuel Sheinbein fled to Israel after murdering a Maryland teen. He claimed Israeli citizenship but was later convicted and had been serving a long prison term near Tel Aviv.

With Expanded Definition, Rape Is Reported More Often

Two years after the Justice Department rewrote the official definition of rape, reports of rape have increased in most cities. Under the old definition, however, the number of rapes between 2012 and 2013 were down.

Egypt's Morsi Accused Of Aiding Iran's Revolutionary Guards

The ousted Egyptian leader is accused of being part of a wide conspiracy to destabilize Egypt involving, among other things, passing state secrets to Tehran.

N.Y. Becomes Largest Prison System To Curb Solitary Confinement

Reform advocates hope the deal to limit solitary confinement becomes a model for prisons throughout the country.