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States May Recognize Same-Sex Marriages, But Navajo Nation Won't

Some Navajo activists want to overturn a tribal law banning same-sex marriages. They say the law contradicts Navajo values because it disrupts harmony. Host Michel Martin talks with people on both sides of the debate: Deswood Tome of the Navajo Nation Council and Alray Nelson of the Coalition for Navajo Equality.

As Rebels Fight Rebels, Grim Reports From A Syrian City

Syria's civil war keeps getting more complicated. In the latest twist, fractious rebel groups have united to fight extremists linked to al-Qaida. Both sides oppose the Syrian government, but for now they are pointing their guns at each other and a nasty battle is taking place in the northern city of Raqqa.
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Equal Punishment? Reforming School Discipline

Kojo looks at how new federal guidelines on school discipline could impact classrooms and school security.


What Happens When A Language's Last Monolingual Speaker Dies?

Emily Johnson Dickerson, the last person who spoke only Chickasaw, died last week at age 93. There were thousands of fluent Chickasaw speakers as late as the 1960s. Dickerson was among about 65 remaining.

Egypt's Coptic Christians Celebrate Christmas Amid Fear, Hope

Coptic Christians in Egypt celebrated their Christmas on Tuesday in an atmosphere of uncertainty. There were dozens of attacks on churches and Christian homes both during and after the tenure of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. Coptic leaders publicly supported the military coup that ousted Morsi.

Record Could Hinder Confirmation Of Civil Rights Nominee

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday considers President Obama's nominee to enforce civil rights at the Justice Department. Debo Adegbile will need to overcome the opposition not only of voter fraud activists but also the Fraternal Order of Police.

Former Banker Could Help Feds Learn More About Swiss Accounts

A Swiss banker has pleaded not guilty to charges he helped thousands of Americans evade paying their taxes. Raoul Weil was one of the top managers at UBS, a Swiss bank that helped nearly 20,000 Americans hide their assets in secret accounts.

For Bernard Madoff's Victims, A Massive Settlement Of Their Own

Robert Siegel interviews Irving Picard, the Madoff Bankruptcy Trustee, and David Sheehan, Picard's Chief Counsel and a partner at BakerHostetler. The attorneys represented those who were defrauded in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme. On Tuesday, the attorneys announced two settlements to recover approximately $543 million for Madoff's victims.

Some Of New York's Finest Are Embroiled In Fraud

In New York City, 80 police officers and fire fighters are facing fraud charges. They're accused of a massive scheme to defraud the Social Security Administration. The scheme ran for over a decade and allegedly cost US taxpayers millions of dollars in false claims.

JPMorgan Settles With U.S. Government Over Role In Madoff Schemes

JPMorgan Chase has agreed with the U.S. government to settle criminal charges that it failed to report suspicious activity in Bernard Madoff's accounts. The settlement comes to $2.6 billion, but a representative for Madoff's victims says the amount is too small. Madoff bilked investors out of many billions of dollars while JP Morgan Chase was his primary bank.